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Mar 16, 2009 11:36 AM

D.F restaurants big taste/small budget

Any suggestions of beautiful restaurants (nice view or architecture and of course good food) in Mexico City: Centro, Coyocan, Condesa and Polanco.
In past trips I've gone to great places like: Pujol, Biko, Bakea, Izote, Aguila y Sol, El Cardenal, Contramar, El Mayor, El Tajin, Casa Lamm, etc. This time I am looking for something more affordable but still beautiful and delicious...
Also looking for a good lunch restaurant near Teotihuacan.

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  1. Please define "affordable" in pesos or a dollar equivalent.

    We usually eat at modest places, such as Cafe La Blanca, Bisquets Obregón, El Huequito. On occasion we splurge at places like El Cardenal and (not so expensive) El Bajío.

    1. El Lago, perhaps? I've never been, just seen their ads on TV. It's on a lake in Chapultepec park. Don't know about the prices, however.

      1. Search for an old thread about Restaurante Las Grutas near Teotihuacán.

        In a beautiful old house in Col. Sta Maria de la Ribera, eat pozole at La Casa de Toño,

        Try La Bella Lulá for wonderful Oaxacan food, south of Metro Barranca de Muerto at Río Lerma #86.


        1. We went to La Tecla (Avenida Revolución, in front of the building that used to belong to Celanese, south from Barranca del Muerto) and everything was excellent. The food: shrimp pozole, pumpkin flower stuffed with goat cheese and chipotle sauce, crab croquetas with strawberry sauce, breaded brie cheese with a wonderful sauce, fetuccini with mole sauce, razurado snail, pear ravioli with mushroom sauce ...and the price, 50, 60 pesos and around 70 for entrees. Also, the service was very good, "cordial" and fast. We also had a great time at a small Italian fondita, Sole Pasta e Amore, Carrillo Puerto, a block from Miguel Angel de Quevedo, Coyoacan. The owner is a napolitan lady, very friendly, excellent cook, the food and the price couldn´t be better.

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            There's a Tecla on the Glorieta de Cibeles in la Roma - on Durango and a Bella Lula on Reforma if that's more convenient. Second the Bajio comment. Fonda el Refugio is good, too.

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              Oye, where on Reforma is La Bella Lulú? I never knew they had a sucursal!