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White Truffle Oil-Where to buy other than Whole Foods?

Hi, folks. Wondering if anyone has suggestions, other than Whole Foods, where I can buy white truffle oil and how much it might run me. I'm making a mac n' cheese dish which uses some so I don't need a lot. I recall paying something like $20 back a few years ago at Whole Foods for a tiny bottle. Just curious if prices are about the same or if they're a little lower (or if they're higher), and if I can find it at other stores.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. formaggio sells it. but it won't be cheap there, either. it's just an expensive product. if you keep it in the fridge it won't go bad and you can use the rest another time.

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      The tiny bottle at WF was $14 yesterday, I think. Perhaps one of the Tutto Italiano branches?

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        Oh good to know. That's not bad. As I said, a few years ago it was over $20 at Whole Foods, so $14 isn't too bad. I think I was miffed last time too because I had put it in the fridge meaning to use it and then moved and left it behind. D'oh!

    2. If you are in the Back Bay, I saw a fairly new store on Newbury Street that seems to specialize in oils and vinegars. Unfortunately, I forget their name and location but I believe it was near the Kitchenarts store. They had all sorts of different truffle oils.

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        Just found it: it's O and Co., 161 Newbury Street; cannot help you with prices though.

      2. I cannot comment on cheaper, but the brands sold at Formaggio and The Butcher Shop are certainly better.

        Formaggio has a small bottle of an Italian import, while The Butcher Shop offers a large bottle of the D'Artagnon product.

        1. Don't know the price and don't know if you have a way to get there, but Wilson's in Lexington sells white truffle oil.

          1. Marty's in Newton had it at one point, and they also had a white truffle paste in a tube that I thought was quite good.

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              A slight tangent to the OP's question, but I've also greatly enjoyed the truffle salt I bought online a few years ago. I found it more strongly truffle-flavored than the white truffle oil I had bought many moons ago from WH, and much better than the very mediocre black truffle oil I had bought once at TJ's.

              Someone around here also has truffle butter in the dairy case -- perhaps Wilson's or Formaggio's?

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                D'artagnan makes very tasty truffle butter:


                white or black and in various sizes - and with real truffle bits in it vs. the (I have to admit tasty, but kind of creepy nonetheless) chemical flavoring that makes up most of the oils.

                I order online from them and keep extra in the freezer, but I know Russo's and Savenor's both carry the line, so they can probably get it if they don't have it already.

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                  I love D'artagnan Truffle Butter. I freeze it so it lasts a long time. Simple eggs, pasta or risotto finished with it can be a quick but very satisfying meal.

            2. Trader Joe's used to have white truffle oil and a small bottle was about $6. Not sure if they still do nor do I know the quality of the prouct.

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                Don't bother with TJ's. You get what you pay for. It has almost no truffle flavor/odor. The stuff at Marty's is much better. If they have the honey w/ truffle, that's good too.

              2. stay away frome Trader Joe's for truffle oil. Truffles are just a flavor that are not replicated, so you have to shell out and get good stuff. Formaggio is my rec.

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                  I feared as much. Thank for saving me the 6 bucks.

                  1. I get my truffle-infused items at either Milton Marketplace or Hingham Marketplace. Those markets are smaller versions of Whole Foods, but with lower (slightly) prices and better produce and meat departments., plus you can buy yourself a bottle of wine to have with your dinner. I have truffle oil, butter and salt from there that I use all the time - great place to shop for a good dinner

                    1. I just noticed it at Capone's Foods in Union Square, Somerville last week. I seem to remember there being a couple of different varieties.

                      1. Russo's in Watertown also has it. Not cheap. I think I paid about $20 for White Truffle Oil.