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Mar 16, 2009 11:20 AM

On the hunt for Buffalo Wings & Beef on Weck in San Diego

Hey there everyone. I'm a transplant from Western New York (Rochester) and a bit of a Buffalo Wing Snob (as in I believe the Anchor Bar is for tourists. You get real wings from Duffs ) but now that I'm in San Diego I'm finding it difficult to find anything even remotely palatable. So far most wings I've tried have been breaded, and baked, and the few that aren't are soggy, tiny, and certainly not 'Buffalo' but more Asian than anything. Beef on Weck is simply non-existent. There's nothing much special about Buffalo wings so I'm wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a place that has the good stuff out here in the sunshine? Thanks!

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  1. Only if you can turn us on to a real fish taco in Buffalo...

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      1. re: deckape

        Sure thing. Edritos
        It's not listed on their website because they only offer them twice a week... what can I say... The ocean is a lot closer here.

        Your turn! =)

      2. You guys are mean! LOL! Sorry, djc, it gets a little tiring when people move here from other parts and then tout their "local" favorites from back home! I guess it'll never be as good as home. In the meantime, you might want to try to the wings at Hooley's ( They have 2 locations in San Diego (Rancho San Diego and Grossmont Center just opened). I had some there a few weeks ago and they sound like the type you described.

        As far as Beef on Weck, I don't know of anyplace locally that bakes the kind of roll (Kummelweck) that you are craving but if I see one, I'll post it here.

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          FYI, your link didn't work because of the ). at the end.

          To the OP, IIRC, the last time this came up (you should use the search feature) there were a few recs for the wings at Australian Pub in PB. I haven't found any that I would recommend making a special trip for, though.

          1. re: LisaSD

            My apologies. I'm not trying to imply that any place is better than any other. Lord knows I'd rather be here than Buffalo!

            The thing is that it's just amazing given all the other fantastic kinds of food you can find in SD (really pretty much anything... huge ethnic diversity, great BBQ, Steaks, Pizza, etc) that I haven't found anything even close to something as simple as a wing. I grew up in Ventura County and knew a bunch of places to get good wings there. I don't see why they're so hard to find in SD and really think that I'm just not looking in the right places... hence coming here. I'm not saying Buffalo is better for having good wings... I'm saying I have to believe San Diego has good wings, but by their very nature (bar food) the places that serve them tend to be small and difficult to find...

            I'll give Hooley's a try. Thanks!

            1. re: djc6535

              'great BBQ and Pizza' are you getting weak thinking of Beef on Weck? cause there's no such great bbq and pizza here. Maybe OK or just passable on the pizza, forget bbq.

          2. For some reason, traditional buffalo wings are scarce here, while other types of wings, breaded, garlic, teriyaki, etc., are pretty common. Downtown Johnny Brown's serves a good approximation of the traditional version, with some great beers to wash them down.

            1. Wings N Things is pretty close, actually I think the guys who started it, are from Rochester! I miss the pizza and chicken finger subs the most!

              I just found a group of Buffalo Bills fans in San Diego. They have like three places they meet for the games; I wonder if they ever do Buffalo inspired food.

              1. I'm going to 2nd Wings 'n' Things - I know it is a chain, but I really think they have consistantly the best wings. I like to get mine hot and extra crispy. Sometimes they can be on the smaller side, but most of the time they're plenty big enough - their bread sticks are really good too. Here is their location list: