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Bread w/ Potato Soup [St. Paul, MN]

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I'm tasked with bringing bread tonight to a dinner for six to pair with baked potato soup. Dinner is near Highland Park. Any ideas?

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  1. I am assuming you are talking St Paul? In that case, I would go to Breadsmith on Grand Avenue. Yummy breads. Alternately, Lunds in HP has some good par-baked baguettes that are delicious when finished off in the oven.

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      I got the French Peasant bread from Breadsmith. Actually, we had to nix the soup thanks to bugs in the flour, so the bread became a star attraction. It made some great sandwiches.

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        Great to hear-- I love their stuff.

    2. Or go to Mississippi Market and pick up some Rustica bread. (Can't be sure everything will be left towards the end of the day though.)