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Mar 16, 2009 10:17 AM

Help: 30th Bday in Carroll Gardens or Slope

I'm looking for a venue for a 30th bday party for my wife; it'll be on a Saturday night in May, preferably in the greater Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights/Park Slope area.

Here are the particulars:
1. Accommodate 30-40 people
2. Has back room, separate space, or side area that can be cordonned off/taken over.
3. Fun/festive/cool atmosphere.
4. Affordable, in the $25-40 pp range, including at least some drinks.

I'm willing to entertain any interesting or quirkily fun places. And all food types are under consideration (good pizza, Mexican with margaritas, pub food, etc.).

Outdoor options would also be considered, but they'd also need an indoor option in case of weather.

Oh, and hybrid events could work too (i.e. we'd be willing to bring the food in from elsewhere to a bar space that doesn't normally serve food).

Any help would be most appreciated!

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  1. You could try to work with Pacifico on this, for Mexican and strong margaritas.

    I arranged a birthday dinner at Long Tan and was pleasantly surprised by it: the manager was easy to work with on pricing and menu items; we essentially had half the restaurants; and people enjoyed the food and cocktails. They can definitely manage a group of your size.

    I've heard great things bout birthday events in the private dining area of Convivium Osterium, but have never been there myself. Not sure how many they can accommodate, though.

    Good luck!

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      Super helpful. Both will go on the list of places to call (although the Convivium website suggests that it only accommodates 25 ppl in the private space).

    2. If you want to expand your territory to include Dumbo, 5 Front might work. I went to a birthday dinner there this summer that started in the restaurant's back garden and then moved inside where they took over the main room. I know the chef worked closely with hostess to keep costs down. Food was very good. It's worth a call.

      1. The pricing might be too high, but you should check into Frankies 457 on Court Street - they have a separate event space that's in the back behind the restaurant that's really terrific. There is a garden out there too. The room is brick, with high ceilings and one side is all windows. The great thing about it too is that it has it's own bar that would be dedicated to your event and own restroom. And no I don't work for them - but I did book the space for my wedding this coming fall so I know the layout and options pretty well :)

        The room fits 40 people seated, not sure if you want a formal dinner or anything like that. They have a few different menu/drink options and I found their event planner to be really professional and easy to work with, so it's worth giving a call and finding out what they could do for you.

        1. If you will accept Mexican beers (no wines or spirits) for drinks, I think you will be very pleased with the back garden at Fast and Fresh. Very home made tacos, burritos, tortas, etc. and you will have the whole place to yourself in the evening. It will be on the lower end of your price range.

          Fast and Fresh Deli
          84 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

          1. These are all excellent and quite helpful suggestions, and I'm chasing down the leads. But, for future posters, what I've gleaned so far: (1) places where the average entrees on regular menu run more than, say, $16 generally push the per person costs, with wine or other alcoholic beverages, out of contention, unfortunately; (2) I'm looking for a place with some interesting character or some flash.

            (Fast and Fresh is great, but I'm not sure it satisfies what I'm looking for on point two; also, is the back garden covered? Because I need a pleasant indoor space in case of weather).

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              I've been to events of up to 30 people in the back at Bar Tabac. Fun, loud, reasonably priced, nice wine...we've always had good times in the back. 40 people may be pushing it though- not sure what the capacity back there actually is.

              1. re: Thissteaks4you

                I'm pretty sure it is covered (it's never rained the two times I attended an event there). And there is a smaller inside space. I would not say that it has flash, but it certainly has character (hokey). Again, if you can handle beer only, it's probably worth a look (they are open until about 6:30 PM, I think for regular business).