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Mar 16, 2009 10:05 AM

Fudge in East Hartford. :)

Wow. I found a great source of fudge in an unexpected place in East Hartford this weekend. I've never seen so many different kinds of fudge in one place. Even bakeries only have the usual "Chocolate" or "Chocolate+Peanut butter".. especially this time of year when it's supposedly not "in season". (Who is the idiot that decided you can only eat fudge in the fall?)

They didn't just have the regular old chocolate and chocolate peanut butter.. There was Dark Chocolate, Coffee, Moose Tracks, Death By Chocolate..which had chocolate drizzle on it and chocolate chips. Vanilla fudge, Maple Walnut, bunch of other nutty ones that I can't even remember..

Anyway, it was in Cabela's in East Hartford..which isn't a "Chow Hound" place..was actually some cool outdoor/sporty/hunting type store. LOL There's nothing about the fudge on their website but here's the page to the store if you're interested and don't know it. It's in their "general store" section..which also has all sorts of maple syrups and jam/jelly type stuff.

Each square was 1/4th of a pound and the deal was $2.50 each or 6 for $10.

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  1. I always buy a pound of fudge at Cabelas when I am up that way !!

    Hard to find fudge except the stale stuff at the local grocer s around here

    they also have some great bagged penny candies there!

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    1. re: few

      Ha. Cool. I'm not the only one who has discovered this. :)

      In general though I think the best fudge is when you make it yourself. lol. I've always used a simple Hershey recipe that you basically buy chocolate chips and some kind of canned milk and melt it on the stove or microwave and stick it in the fridge. lol

      1. re: no0b

        It's condensed milk... and for Trader Joe's fans, they have the best, and at the best cost.
        You add some vanilla & finish it off with a few tbls. of butter for even better fudge!