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Mar 16, 2009 09:58 AM

Corton tomorrow night - tasting menu?

I'm going to take my bf for a belated birthday celebration at Corton tomorrow night. I was wondering if it's worth getting the tasting menu or if I should just go for the 3 course? Also, if I end up getting the 3 course, what are the not to miss dishes? Thanks!

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  1. John Dory w/Scallops & the Lobster mains are both great. The truffle appetizer is great but not really representative of the restaurant's cuisine. I think the tasting menu is worth it.

    1. lanadai, please report back on your experience.

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        So I ended up having the tasting. It was amazing, the Foie Gras Bon Bons were delicious. I'm going to link to pictures tomorrow.

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            Fdr, here are pics from my meal last night. I would highly recommend it. I was starting to get really bored with the restaurants in NYC but this has changed my mind, the food was very creative and delicious. The service was also very good, they didn't mind me taking pictures of everything and even rearranged certain things for me so I could take pictures.


      2. "from the garden" may sound boring, but is one of the most incredible dishes i've had in a restaurant - period. the hamachi app is also incredible. pheasant also great. must get caramel brioche dessert.