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Mar 16, 2009 08:55 AM

Smoked Meat---little gem found

I've found a little place in Toronto that has pretty good smoked meat. It is called George's BBQ and Deli. They have real smoked meat from Montreal. Very no frills, can get either on light rye or kaiser. The price for a sandwich is just over $5.00...pickle is extra. I asked the owner what specific manufacterer and he said it was a little company called Le'. The brisket he gets is on the smaller side(not too fatty) and medium spiced. The only trick is on his menu board it is called corned beef...he states that is has never been corned beef and always real Montreal smoked meat...used to use Lesters and Delstar...quality wasn't consistant for them...this place has been around for about 25 years....the chicken is also wonderful....They are located on Dundas between Sherbourne and Jarvis. The hours are very liberal...Monday to Saturday 10:30am to 4:00am..Sunday 12:00am to 2:am...the only drawback is they rarely have smoked meat past 2am.

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  1. Went there once a couple of years ago after buying Injeera at the Ethiopian place next door. They had BBQ chicken under a heat lamp in the front window that looked like they had been on the rotisserie for three weeks. Ordered a sandwich and it was just okay. Given the seediness of the area, I would not recommend.

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      I have nothing to offer on the smoked meat, but note that there are George's outlets at more salubrious locations. I can think of one on Queen E, opposite the Beach Cinema just east of Coxwell. There are one or two others.

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        Also there is a location at Bathurst and Bloor... only place where saltpepperketchup is treated as a single word.

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        That is not a heat lamp...That is a rotisserie oven. They are constantly cooking chicken and are always fresh. The area is not the best, but is being cleaned up.

      3. I always get panhandled around this place, if its the same place I'm thinking of...

        They serve spaghetti with the chicken, right?