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Conley's; Haddad's; McKay's

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I hit one restaurant over each of the past three days, with the middle one being by far the best...

Went over to Conley's on Belmont Street in Watertown Friday night with several others. This is your basic townie bar, though because it's right on the Belmont/Watertown line, it gets an interesting mix of people. We had some pizza there, and it was actually quite good. It was more of an Italian thin-crust than a bar pie, and it was served on a pedestal, much like NYC pizza joints do. Conley's also does pitchers of Smithwick's, which earns many points in my book.

We drove down to Haddad's Ocean Cafe in the Brant Rock section of Marshfield on Saturday night. I hadn't been there in nearly a year, and it was every bit as good as I remember it (and the bar side was every bit as crazy--a real fisherman's bar). The fried haddock was perfect with a light batter and a huge chunk of fish, while the baked scallops and shrimp were equally good, with the scallops being sweet and juicy and the shrimp being pretty tender. Onion rings were outstanding, as they also had a light batter. The Cajun fries were all right, though a bit too greasy. We washed down the food with the always excellent Fisherman's Brew, which is made in Gloucester.

Finished up on Sunday morning at McKay's on Franklin Street in South Quincy. As usual, many if not most of the people in this friendly diner were Irish immigrants, including some very loud and funny soccer-types who had us laughing the whole time. Everything was good, including the hearty and flavorful home fries, though the homemade corned beef hash had just a few too many onion chunks in it for my taste. Service was excellent and the prices were very reasonable.

I also had Greek pizza at Tom's Sandwich Shop in Auburndale later in the day, but I'm assuming no one cares about that. :-b

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  1. I like McKay's. They do a very good breakfast, and are also open on Wed., Thurs., and Fri. nights for dinner. Food is basic and cheap and comforting. Unbelievably hugh and delicious grilled chicken breast sandwich.

    1. I like Conley's a lot. The pizza is very good and they make a great burger. The friendly bar staff makes the place a good local hangout for the Watertown, Belmont, Cambridge area. Only downside is the poor acoustics in the place. It can get very noisy during the dinner rush on Thur.-Sat. nights.