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Mar 16, 2009 07:51 AM

best place to buy corned beef? (a market, not a restaurant).

I work downtown and live in Cambridge/Somerville. Does Savenor's have it? thx.

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  1. The Shaws off McGrath highway in Somerville has every kind and cut you need.

    I posted about the dinner I hosted last night over on Homecooking.

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      Johnnie's and McKinnon's both should have gray corned beef and ribs probably from Boston Brisket Company (I have the Johnnie's flyer and gray is $2.99/lb, they have point cut red for $1.59/lb, and low sodium for $2.99). Market Basket I believe has Pearl Gray corned beef, they might have more options now, plus usually have really inexpensive red from carando or someone. S&S in Medford at least had a bunch of gray briskets (flat cut) too, but I didn't see what other options they had. Savenors has got to have something, but not certain the advantage of shopping there of one of the grocery stores since there are relatively local products available.

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        The best available is at Lucci's Supermarket in Wilmington. They have it every day of the year, and they corn thier own just like I do.

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          I bought a Hummel Bros. low sodium flat cut brisket at S&S in Medford yesterday. It's on sale with the S&S card for $2.59 a pound normally $4.49 a pound. I have never bought Hummel Bros. brand before. I used to buy low sodium Brookfield flat cut corned beef brisket but S&S doesn't carry that brand anymore. I read online that Brookfield was bought out by Westin Foods from Nebraska. Hummel Bros. is made in New Haven CT. S&S in Medford also had Nathan's and Colorado Premium corned beef briskets.

      2. The sample of Wilson Farms own in Lexington yesterday was delicious - and they also have Boar's Head.

        1. If you go early and ask nicely, Sam LaGrassa's on Province St will sell in bulk..but don't tell anyone..:)

          1. Pretty certain I saw Trader Joes tauting a corned beef. Don't know cut details, though.

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              I don't know cuts, but i bought that TJs corned beef (pink style, $4.99 a pound, I think) and had it for dinner last night. Very good.

            2. What kind do you want? Traditional New England gray corned beef? Or the pink kind the rest of the country prefers?

              The New England style tastes beefier.

              Market Basket would be the go-to for it, or Johnnie's Foodmaster - in other words, local chains that know to do things the local way. Individual butchers might do so, but if price matters, you'd want to compare.

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              1. re: Karl S

                I got mine at Johnnies (gray of course), and also bought some of their corned ribs, though they don't like they were conred for too long. I know Johnnies in melrose does their own beef and ribs.