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Mar 16, 2009 07:42 AM

Ideas for a Sunday?

Sundays in Louisiana can be difficult . . . an amazing array of great restaurants, and far too many are CLOSED on Sundays.

So far we've got dinner reservations at Cochon, Restaurant Patois, and Rambla, with Gallatoire's (our traditional Friday Lunch), Commander's Palace (our traditional Monday "get-away" lunch -- hard to go wrong with 25ยข martinis at lunch!) already booked. But we have way too many options for Saturday, and very few for Sunday . . .

Any suggestions for Sunday dinner?

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  1. Swap your Friday lunch at Galatoire's for a Sunday supper....

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      But, Celeste, you know Firday lunch at Gallatoire's -- even though it may be noisy -- is a tradition! ;^)

      1. re: zin1953

        Not to me: it's a noisy show full of arrivistes.

          1. re: mortalcoil

            True, but we're going to a concert on Friday night and -- since we're staying at the IHouse -- we thought it would be a perfect place for light dinner . . . still, we might have to re-think that . . .

          2. Stella is open on sunday nights. We were there just last night. If you go, get the venison. It's the first dish I've had there that I though was worthy of the hype. Excellent dish...excellent.

            1. GW Fins is open on Sunday nights.

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              1. re: runCP3

                I think Stella is the best choice in New Orleans right now on any night, so therefore a no-brainer on Sunday. I've found it worthy of the hype every time.