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Mar 16, 2009 07:39 AM

Dinner near MSG

I'm looking for a decent place w/i 10-15 blocks of MSG (NOT Artisan please).
Have these places in mind, any thoughts / recs:

Ben's Deli
El Rio Grande
Stella Del Mare

Italian (not pizza place) in 30's?


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  1. Not on the list, but Keen's is my favorite place when dining near MSG.

    1. Lugo Caffe located RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from MSG

      1. I've read good things about the seafood/raw bar at Tracks in Penn Station. Has anyone eaten there? I've walked by, and it's a narrow bar with generic decor. But if the food is good, it could be quite an asset.

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          I've been to Tracks. It's just ok, convenient, but there's better options out there. Another option, if you like Greek food, there's an Uncle Nicks at 8th Ave, at 30th St.

        2. Arno on 38th and Broadway is Italian, I always enjoy their pastas.

          El Rio Grande is very mediocre - somewhere to go if you just want a lot of margaritas and don't care about food quality. Ben's Deli is also very average and, I think, the food is extremely greasy compared to other Jewish Delis.

          I would also recommend the Australian on 38th between 5th and 6th, absolutely Keen's (the bar room if you don't want a huge, long dinner)

          1. Stella del Mare has closed.

            For Italian, there's Biricchino, on 29th St., just east of 8th Av.