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Mar 16, 2009 07:26 AM

Foodies in Turks & Caicos

Headed to Turks & Caicos later this week and looking for restaurant suggestions. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Not a lot to choose from there, at least not when we went 9 or 10 years ago. We had to go to a resident's house to purchase fresh baked bread. There were very few "restaurants" around then, mostly places to get fresh (delicious) fish and beans and other local fare. Probably has changed a lot since then. Back then, it was mainly used as a diving place (my husband is a certified open water diver). I'll watch this post to see what people have to say who've been there recently.

    1. Provo or Grand Turk? Provo is loaded with restaurants. The ones in Grace Bay are breathtakingly expensive, but there are some reasonabe places in other areas.

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        Provo. I see there are lots to choose from and most seem to be hotel restaurants. Just trying to figure out which are actually worth the money, and also if there are any hidden gems outside of the hotels.

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          There are. Where are you staying, and will you have a car? Remember it's LH driving there. Taxi's are not a practical option.

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            Staying on the strip of beach which seems to have most of the hotels. No plans for a car as of now.

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              You are in the Grace Bay area. About 2 miles west on what's called the bight road, in Turtle Cove, there is a marina and a few waterfront restaurants where locals and dive operators eat. There's Italian (decent pizza) and grouper sandwiches. There is a car rental place there, too, if you want to do a day rental and explore the island, which I recommend. In the Blue Hills area, you will find Bugaloo's and a few other great native places for fresh conch in every form, and other seafood. There is a lobster packing plant (actually 2) near the south dock toward Sapodilla Bay where fresh lobster is available at about 4 in the afternoon when the boats return, and is one of the best and delicious values on the island, if you have a kitchen(ette). The main E-W road is called the Leeward Highway, and there a few small plazas with interesting restaurants. It is about 1/2 mile north of your hotel. Keep doing your homework and let us know about other questions. I used to have a house there which I sold 4 years ago, but I know the lay of the land pretty well. Grace Bay is truly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You'll enjoy!
              P.S. Beware Anacaona -it's beautiful with good food, but it will clean out your savings account.

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                Thank you so much! I was just reading about Bugaloos -- which is now apparently called Da Conch Shack. Sounds amazing. Also reading good things about Grace's Cottage, O'Soleil and Magnolia Wine Bar - know anything about those? Love your tip about the fresh lobsters - thank you!

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                  I'm heading there tomorrow (!!) and I've found a lot of discussions about the various restaurants on the Turks and Caicos message board on Not sure I'm allowed to reference another website on this site but I'll try. Enjoy your trip. I am counting the seconds until I leave!

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                    We've posted the 'Best of Turks & Caicos' - Food & Drink category posted here

                    Report written by us who have been living here in Provo for the past 12 years.

                    You'll love it down here!


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            Take a look into Aqua in turtle cove. For the money, it has the best food. Was there a couple of weeks ago and had two appys, two entrees, split a dessert and wine and beers for about 100.

            If you want to splurge, IMO Anacoana at the Grace Bay Club is the best restaurant on the island but will also cost the most...our bill eclipsed 300 for 2 people.

        2. Hi Bamgordon! How was the trip? Please post your reviews here. I'm on my way in ten days & would like to hear fresh takes on the current spots. thanks

          1. A quick note on the food we ate on Provodenciales. Best meals were at Smokey's on Da Bay and Lemon Cafe. Smokeys is out in Blue Hill. Totally local scene but bad decor. We went Wednesday for their fish fry. DH had grilled lobster & I had a grouper fillet. They were both amazingly light & flavorful. The sides of cole slaw, corn, fries & bread fit the bill. Also, Smokeys was the least expensive meal we had on the whole island (lunches included!). Lemon Cafe is Moroccan/Med food. The owners are from Montreal. Chef, too. Lovely little free-standing restaurant in Grace Bay Village. He took such care with the decor & mood. Service was great and we really enjoyed our meal. Had lunch at Bernie's Cafe. Not sure why all the fuss. I thought $16 for four friend shrimp and some fries was overpriced. My caesar salad dressing tasted like flavored mayo:(
            Lunch at Pizza Pizza in Grace Bay was fine but no great shakes. They make the kind of pizza where everything just slides off the crust when you pick it up. Not my favorite. We had lunch one day at Plunge at the Regent Palms hotel. It was good and probably a safe bet especially if you are staying there or close by. We recommend the open-faced crab sandwich and the sweet potato fries. Was pleasantly surprised by the the options for buying food. Graceway IGA and the Gourmet Food Market in Grace Bay were both gorgeous and offered great stuff. Caicos Cafe was highly recommended to us by some long term vacationers. We went and were disappointed. The conch fritter was nice and we liked the dipping sauce but our main courses tasted very Holiday Inn/industrial. Somehwere on the Beach is a great casual spot. Our dinner of quesadillas, fajitas and happy hour Red Stripes and Turks Head beers hit the spot. Wandered over another day after snorkeling and enjoyed bloody mary's on the deck.

            1. We just got back from Turks and here are the restaurants that we went to:

              Hole in the Wall

              We went twice. Had oxtail, fried fish (this was the best of the places we went to, good seasoning and very crunchy but still moist and fleshy without being dry), jerk chicken, codfish. came with rice and beans, mac and cheese one day, mac salad another. All excellent. The mac salad was soooo good. I normally dont even like mac salad. Hubs ordered some carrot juice drink that the waitress told us had beer, rum and some other "stuff" in it that the churchgoers like to drink but not ask what's in it. It was good, like carrot cake.

              Pink Hut Chicken Place

              Someone else mentioned this on the board so we decided to check it out. Pretty good fried chicken wings. We ordered 5 dollars of chicken and skipped the fries. They brought out a load of chicken.

              Carribean Cuisine

              Not too easy to find, it's on Airport Road with a little hot pink sign that you can easily miss. It's not right on the road, but a little bit in a small plaza bit visible from the road. Curry Chicken roti was yummy. And cheap. Very limited daily menu, 6 or 7 things.

              Middle Caicos Cafe

              Right by Beaches on Grace Bay. We stayed at the Alexandra so we were here all the time for lunch. We had oxtail, baked chicken, fried fish (grouper). Came with rice and beans, mac and cheese, salad. All very good.

              Da Conch Shack

              Had the conch combo and fried fish. the fish was grouper. It was pretty good. The conch fritters were good. The cracked conch amazingly fresh and yummy.

              Smokeys on the Bay

              They were closed for about 5 months before reopening by Turtle Cove right above the Players Casino a week ago. We were bummed that it wasnt on the beach, but oh well. Had the fried snapper, ribs and conch chowder. The conch chowder was awesome and very hearty. We got a small and it was a mini meal in itself. Fish was good. Ribs were average.

              The Vix

              We broke down and had nonlocal food on our last night because I don't think my body could take any more fried food. Hubs had grilled snapper and I had pasta. It was decent. Relatively reasonably priced in comparison to the other more "high end" restaurants (we refused to go to because if I'm dropping that much money on dinner, I'll do it at a 5 star in NY). The creme brulee was to die for though. OMG.


              We didnt do dinner here but thought it was worth mentioning. We decided to go to the bar and have appetizers and watch the sun set. This place is sooo sick. it is gorgeous and very very secluded. It was a bit rough driving here and the place was almost empty. We sat and had drinks and apps which were good, but definitely not worth the money. We think it would be the best place to watch a sunset (it was cloudy the day we went), either here or Ananconda's lounge/bar.

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                I smile every time Anacaona is spoken or printed as "Ananconda" or "Anaconda", it makes the most elegant (and expensive) place on Provo sound like a snake! Happens all the time. Sounds like you ate well there without going broke, an accomplishment on that island. The lunches and the beverage service by the pool at the Alexandra where you stayed are pretty good, likewise both of the Ocean Clubs, which are all accessible to non- guests.