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Mar 16, 2009 07:25 AM

I love apricots -- who's with me?

I grew up in a house with pretty substantial old world influences foodwise. For example, we had tons of fresh apricots, which are not exactly big in the US.

Now, I love dried apricots too. And many fresh apricots, while pretty, are dry and tasteless. Others are mealy/mushy. But if you get one thats just right, it's pretty much fruit perfection. (Same for greengage plums, another of my fruit affectations).

Any other fresh apricot lovers out there?

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  1. Right here, but it has been soooo long since i've had a good one I rely on my memory now.

    1. Love them, but so rarely do we get really tasty ones in the northeast.
      Soft, watery, tasteless too often...but I do agree that it's one of those fruits that takes particulary well to being dried, I always have them in the house for snacking. Also keep apricot jam in the fridge.

      1. I still remember the best apricot I ever ate, 30+ years later. A dead-ripe Blenheim, like eating a cross between a fruit and almond paste. Sublime and never since replicated experience.

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          there is nothing that compares to a Blenheim

        2. I'm not a major fan of raw fruit, but yes, apricots are in there.

          Put them in a danish however, and you may lose an arm if you don't drop it quick enough! <3

          1. I grew up eating fresh apricots - and - Greengage plums are my very favorite I'm not much of a fruit eater, but I can't get enough of those and the little Italian plums in season.. Luckily, I can buy very good tasting apricots at a local farm in the summer. I usually buy them just as they are ripe and use them up in a hurry than bide my time till the next market day.

            Mark Bittman has a recipe for roasted plums in his "1000 Best Recipes in the World", but after two tries at the recipe, I gave up. It just doesn't do justice to the golden fruit....