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Mar 16, 2009 07:03 AM

Help me order at Tre Sacalini....

What are your favorites? Do they offer specials? Anything to look out for? Your help is much appreciated!

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    1. As Saturninus said, their veal is very special - not the thin veal dishes, but the veal filets (juicy and tender) and the veal chop.
      For appetizers, try the grilled polenta with broccoli rabe or the hot seafood appetizer, which is like a mini bouillabaisse
      All of the pastas are excellent. They often have a pappardelle special. One of my favorites is the pasta with three kinds of mushrooms.
      Desserts are weak. They usually have good ice cream.
      We've been going to Tre Scalini for years and always enjoy it. Nothing exotic, but everything fresh and good.

      1. Thanks for your recommendations.

        I wound up starting off with a delicious arugula salad, off menu, and then went on to the veal filets with mushrooms on the menu. The salad was served with pecorino cheese, pear slices, and a toasted pine nut oil. The filets were served au jus. The jus was mostly salt flavored, so although the filets were perfectly cooked, I wish this dish had another flavor component. This was an enjoyable meal in surroundings of casual elegance. The kind of place that would be hard to find in my hometown DC area.

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          Thanks for reporting back. It's always nice to know "what happened." We'll look for your advice when we go to DC.