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Mar 16, 2009 07:01 AM

Any 'Must Orders' at Rangoon in Philly?

Chowhound from DC was in conversation with Philly Chowhound (can't remember the name). Philly Chowhound thought that Rangoon was better than Myanmar, a Chowhound favorite in the Virginia suburbs in DC.

Now that I'll finally be up in Philly for a couple of days, I am wondering what to order at Rangoon.


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  1. I like their Jin Thoke (ginger salad). By the way, if you are ever in Boston, Yo Ma in Allston is even better than Rangoon in Philly!

    1. thousand-layer bread and anything in the jungle curry.

      1. Ginger salad, squid salad, the fried tofu app (can't remember the name), the fish soup is amazing, as well as the jungle curries, chili shrimp, and banana leaf fish. Overall, I don't think the noodle dishes are as good, though they aren't bad.

        1. I second the thousand layer bread and the jungle curry. I also love the spinach salad and the green bean salad. As for noodles, we thought the northern burma noodles were really good.

          1. I echo everyone else with the thousand layer bread. It's heaven!