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Mar 16, 2009 06:37 AM

Cooking/Food Activities for a Foodie??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated for any cooking/food gift ideas for a foodie? My boyfriend loves to cook and eat well and I am trying to think of something creative and fun for him! We have already done ICE culinary classes so anything else like that would be fantastic. Thanks!!

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  1. are you in Brooklyn? I was looking for cooking classes outside of ICE that was not to expensive. I found the Brooklyn Kitchen, it's on 616 Lorimer St., 718-389-2982. I don't think it's all hands on, but there are some interesting classes, especially the pork butchering class and you get to take home a nice amount of meat, and the icecream class, btw those two are full for now and they just opened them up for registration this morning! I would like to check out the store, I usually by any baking or cooking things from Kerekes on 15th ave., very close to home and the prices are great. They are for the industry but if you're buying, they're selling. Good luck and have fun!

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      wow! Thank you so much. The classes look great! I hope they do another ice cream class.. it looks like so much fun. Thank you so much for the great suggestion!

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        I already called about that, she said there will be another. get on the mailing list and you'll be first to know. they post it at 10:00 am on the appointed day and then it seems like everyman for himself, run to the phones and call! If you get into that next icecream class I'll be the middleaged brooklyn broad ;)