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Mar 16, 2009 05:04 AM

Abis (Mamaroneck) -R.I.P.

"Restaurant for Sale" sign in the window. The first casualty in the Mamaroneck Asian Restaurant war? What a shame, their Sunday brunch was awesome.

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  1. I saw the sign last week and forgot to post. Not sure what is going on in Mamaroneck.
    While you have several new places (resaurants mostly) opening, there are also several new empty spaces.
    Pat's Deli has also closed down along with several stores.

    1. the brunch there was going downshill, place was dark and dingy, one in thornwook better imho

      1. I'll miss it. I liked it better than the crowded, stinky Toyo for Japanese..

        1. I wonder what is happening to Abis in Greenwich (I'm assuming they are related)?

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          1. re: adamclyde

            i dont "think" any of abis are related

          2. The story I got is that the original owner sold the Thornwood and Mamaroneck locations in the past couple of years while retaining the Greenwich location. So, no they're not related anymore.