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Mar 16, 2009 12:02 AM

Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe? [Moved from General Topics]

Hi All,

I'm looking for a FANTASTIC classic Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Please let me know if you can recommend one.


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  1. Classic as in Toll House-like? I have a number of chocolate chip cookie recipes that I love. Here are a couple:

    This one, from Dorie Greenspan, uses chopped chocolate, so there are slivers throughout the cookies. Very very yummy, and variations using espresso and cocoa powder are great, too.

    This one is heaving on pecans than on chips, but the flavor is great: http://areyouhungryyet.blogspot.com/2...

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      Do you have a more updated link to the Dorie Greenspan cookie? Your link didn't work.


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          Try the above link now. They must have moved the recipe, but I found it and changed it on my blog. :)

      1. I have different ones for different types of cookies but I love the NY Times one.


        But it depends on what type you want, crispy, crunchy, puffy, flat, etc.

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          Oh! That recipe is adopted by Jacque Torres. That recipe is -amazing-. If you can get the chocolate disks it requests in the recipe, that would knock it up to another level.

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            I love Jacques Torres. You could also find your favorite chocolate and chop it to the size you want. That's easier for me than to find those disks. I love that recipe, too--the overnight refrigeration makes a big difference.

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              This is the best chocolate chip recipe I have ever tasted/made and I do not use the chocolate that they recommend but otherwise follow the recipe. The cookies are definitely better after 48 and 72 hours of refrigeration, the entire texture changes after the 1st 24 hours for the better.

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                  The longer time allows the flour to absorb the liquids more and results in a chewier, more flavorful cookie. This is a more detailed explanation:


        2. We love the CI Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip cookie recipe.
          4chowpups helpfully posted it here:

          The added benefit is that you don't dirty a mixer and can do it all in one bowl.
          Definitely agree that bleached flour is the way to go in these, and chilling the dough at least overnight is worthwhile. I also read (NYTimes, maybe) that more chips = better cookie. That's the secret to a "bakery" cookie. We definitely like it!