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Mar 15, 2009 11:30 PM

Other places on the westside like Father's Office or Alibi?

Looking to meet up with some friends this Sunday for a very casual evening of food and drinks. I think a gastropub or a wine bar would fit the bill. Originally wanted to go to Alibi to try the Kogi food, but they only serve that Monday to Saturday. If I didn't just go to Father's Office last week, I'd probably go there. Preferably west west of Beverly Hills/West Hollywood and not too crowded. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Have you tried the Library alehouse on Main in Santa Monica? Or a real throwback, San Francisco Saloon on W. Pico, just west of Sawtelle?

    Also, Ford's Filling station in Culver City - a real gastropub, but a little pricey for what you get.

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      I just looked up the Library Alehouse, and it looks great. Any idea how crowded it would be on a Sunday?

      1. re: Bict

        Not sure, usually there's a lot of people milling about on a nice Sunday. You have to realize too that Santa Monica is an uber-touristy town on weekends, super hard to find parking, etc. My husband used to work on Ocean & Broadway, and we hated going into town on weekends. I would just try to go on the early side to be safe. Have fun!

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          Library Alehouse will seat you when there's an open table, so crowds are less of a concern if you are going to eat and don't want to sit at the bar. It's crazy during the daytime on Sunday (there's a farmers market right outside), but I think it should be OK in the evenings.

      2. You tried the Counter? Slightly different vibe than Father's Office, you can actually have it your way. Ale House is pretty cool, too. Good beer, good food. The Galley is another choice. Really old school, I think kind of greasy, but really tasty.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Was going to go with Library Alehouse, but my friend was adamently opposed because of location. Ended up at Bottle Rock in Culver City. Worked out well for a large party of 15. A more extensive food menu would've been nice, but the food they did have was pretty good.

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            If you're in Culver City, I prefer Rush Street to bottle rock