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Mar 15, 2009 11:04 PM

Killer Shrimp....I know it is gone but anything similar?

Geez, I miss that place. where can I get my old killer shrimp fix ? I can do without the shrimp but need that broth and bread

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You can try to find a place that does "barbecued shrimp" (which have nothing to do with a barbecue pit)... There is one location remaining of Jackshrimp, which is the OC pretender to the Killer Shrimp recipe. It's on PCH between Dover and Newport Blvd (the 55) in Newport Beach, across from Lido Isle.

      Alternatively, the recipe is all over the place

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        King's Fish House in Calabasas (and I assume at their other stores as well) does "N'Awlins barbecued shrimp" both in an appetizer size ($10) and as a dinner ($19, I think). I have only had the app size, which is quite a bit of food. It's not EXACTLY like what Killer Shrimp used to serve, but it will remind you: shrimp in a spicy, tomato-ey, garlicky sauce, served with a chunk of nice hot garlic bread (I always ask for 2 pieces of the garlic bread, with which to soak up sauce, and they always are accommodating). Ms. Dr. Oz and I often go to Kings of a Friday evening, after work; we usually order a dozen oysters, and then an appetizer each -- plenty of food, and relatively economical. The N'Awlins shrimp is my app of choice -- hers is the ahi poke, which is also very good. So, by the way, is the fried calimari app.

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          I was told that Killer Shrimp and Jack Shrimp were the same family recipe. Killer Shrimp was owned by the sister and Jack Shrimp is owned by the brother.

        2. I would encourage you to drive to Ports 'o' Call in Long Beach/San Pedro (it's a faux village built in the 70's) and get the's very very similar to Killer Shrimp in taste, though very inexpensive. I would also advise you to get extra garlic bread to soak up the juices and two of whatever you're drinking... it takes a while to peel and eat all of those shrimp!