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Mar 15, 2009 08:48 PM

msp - blondies

Anyone experienced some great blondies in the metro? I haven't come across any. Plain ole brownies are everywhere, but where are all the white chocolate or craisin filled blondies? At this point, I'll take a blondie w/regular chocolate chips.

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  1. Hello - I am thinking that Blondies Cafe at 454 Snelling Ave may be the place for you. If I am remembering correctly, this was their specialty when they opened. May be worth a try.....

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    1. I've had them at Linden Hills Great Harvest Bread. Very yummy and can satisfy a blondie craving.

      1. Had a very good blondie at the cheeky monkey on selby in st paul today. i had to compete for my half, but it had white chocolate and chocolate chocolate chips in it, and a nice salty note to balance out the sweet. pretty good size for 2.00 also.

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          I second the Cheeky Monkey blondie. I definitely had to fight with my dad for my fair share of it. Not too dense like a lot of bars you get.

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            Thanks. I was disappointed with Blondie's. You would think that a place named for a dessert would feature more than just one variety. I was hoping they would have had some really interesting twists on the typical blondie, like raspberry chocolate chips or any kind of chip at all. I wasn't blown away by the taste either. It was good, but it didn't really stand out.

        2. The original comment has been removed