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Mar 15, 2009 08:29 PM

Boston's Tiny Trapeze Marshmallow M-I-A

What the !! I've been addicted to these homemade marshmallows at Whole Foods produced by Tiny Trapeze. They've been featured on TV, and their marshmallows are sublime. Most recently, I've been buying the chocolate truffle marshmallows ....they are not dipped in chocolate, they are a chocolate marshmallow...with an incredible texture. I buy a container a week and use them in everything from desserts to a long fork over my gas burner. Out of bordom one night, I put some high-end carmel in a pastry bag, pumped it into the marshmallows and then dunked them in schaffenberger chocolate. 5 minutes in the fridge and I was in Willy Wonka Land. So, lately, I've not been finding the marshmallows.
So I inquired at Whole Foods and they said..... (hold on, I have to wipe the tears)..... they said Tiny Trapeze went out of business !!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! I found some pints of marshmallow creme today, and I checked the www. I only came up with a readable PDF file.... so I called..... the dang number is out of service !! Why...Why... Why...... anyone know what the heck happened. WF's says they're trying to find a similar product, but today at the Bedford location I almost passed out when I saw what looked like "campfire" marshmallows packed in a plastic container for sale. Is there some little elf in the back of WF portioning out Jet Puffed falsies to a "gourmet container" for sale ??? Oh, the humanity.
Okay, that's my rant. If anyone wants to pile on..... I'll listen and sympathize.

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  1. That's strange, because I heard WF bought Tiny Trapeze; if you can't beat'em, buy'em....

    1. Tiny Trapeze also makes really great caramel corn too! The container without the chocolate is my favorite.

      1. Couple of things to muddy the waters -

        From a USA Today article (9/4/07):

        •Organic. Whole Foods (WFMI) owns Tiny Trapeze Confections, which makes traditional marshmallows but with organic sugar. A box of 15 is $4.99. "What's trendy in foods these days are nostalgic, classic foods," says Suzanne Lombardi, facility team leader at Whole Foods.


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          Yup, those are both older articles and those cookies are (or were) another addiction
          which is sadly now a poofy memory. I'm wondering if there was some bad blood between WF and Dancining Deer (a/k/a/ Tiny Trapeze) as there was a cookie upset a while back, but now the "Dancing Deer" packages are back. I have found some marshmallow creme, but again was told by a WF employee that when its gone from stock ... its kaput. I've actually made me own marshmallows, but since I passed my beloved Kitchen Aid stand mixer along to a niece, my hand mixer and me don't want to beat gelatin/eggwhite/syrup for 30 minutes. I have to say those Big Top cookies were probably the best tasting packaged product I've ever had.

        2. I think I saw their Marshmallow Creme still at Whole Foods this weekend.

          Semi-off topic, it is really easy (although a wee messy) to make your own marshmallows.
          I use Martha's method:

          1. An interesting twist....I'm in Hyde Park quite often and checked their address out. It was very familiar when I googled it. Sweet, the newer cupcake bakery on MA Ave is now at the same address. It's a small brick building. and I doubt there's room for 2 duifferent businesses at that same address. There are other entrances to the building, but they have different addresses. I wonder if there's a connection?