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Boston's Tiny Trapeze Marshmallow M-I-A

What the !! I've been addicted to these homemade marshmallows at Whole Foods produced by Tiny Trapeze. They've been featured on TV, and their marshmallows are sublime. Most recently, I've been buying the chocolate truffle marshmallows ....they are not dipped in chocolate, they are a chocolate marshmallow...with an incredible texture. I buy a container a week and use them in everything from desserts to a long fork over my gas burner. Out of bordom one night, I put some high-end carmel in a pastry bag, pumped it into the marshmallows and then dunked them in schaffenberger chocolate. 5 minutes in the fridge and I was in Willy Wonka Land. So, lately, I've not been finding the marshmallows.
So I inquired at Whole Foods and they said..... (hold on, I have to wipe the tears)..... they said Tiny Trapeze went out of business !!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! I found some pints of marshmallow creme today, and I checked the www. I only came up with a readable PDF file.... so I called..... the dang number is out of service !! Why...Why... Why...... anyone know what the heck happened. WF's says they're trying to find a similar product, but today at the Bedford location I almost passed out when I saw what looked like "campfire" marshmallows packed in a plastic container for sale. Is there some little elf in the back of WF portioning out Jet Puffed falsies to a "gourmet container" for sale ??? Oh, the humanity.
Okay, that's my rant. If anyone wants to pile on..... I'll listen and sympathize.

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  1. That's strange, because I heard WF bought Tiny Trapeze; if you can't beat'em, buy'em....

    1. Tiny Trapeze also makes really great caramel corn too! The container without the chocolate is my favorite.

      1. Couple of things to muddy the waters -

        From a USA Today article (9/4/07):

        •Organic. Whole Foods (WFMI) owns Tiny Trapeze Confections, which makes traditional marshmallows but with organic sugar. A box of 15 is $4.99. "What's trendy in foods these days are nostalgic, classic foods," says Suzanne Lombardi, facility team leader at Whole Foods.



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          Yup, those are both older articles and those cookies are (or were) another addiction
          which is sadly now a poofy memory. I'm wondering if there was some bad blood between WF and Dancining Deer (a/k/a/ Tiny Trapeze) as there was a cookie upset a while back, but now the "Dancing Deer" packages are back. I have found some marshmallow creme, but again was told by a WF employee that when its gone from stock ... its kaput. I've actually made me own marshmallows, but since I passed my beloved Kitchen Aid stand mixer along to a niece, my hand mixer and me don't want to beat gelatin/eggwhite/syrup for 30 minutes. I have to say those Big Top cookies were probably the best tasting packaged product I've ever had.

        2. I think I saw their Marshmallow Creme still at Whole Foods this weekend.

          Semi-off topic, it is really easy (although a wee messy) to make your own marshmallows.
          I use Martha's method: http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/b...

          1. An interesting twist....I'm in Hyde Park quite often and checked their address out. It was very familiar when I googled it. Sweet, the newer cupcake bakery on MA Ave is now at the same address. It's a small brick building. and I doubt there's room for 2 duifferent businesses at that same address. There are other entrances to the building, but they have different addresses. I wonder if there's a connection?

            1. Hi- I'm one of the co-founders of Tiny Trapeze and Dancing Deer, (2 different co's) TT was bought by WFM in late 2005...they ceased operations of our candy production in Feb. this year.

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                do you have any plans to make the marshmallows as part of dancing deer?

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                  I'm not affiliated w/ Dancing Deer..I sold my shares in 2001 after my two partners divorced....(not the way I had planned it but that's life). That's why I created Tiny Trapeze and focused on artisianal candies.

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                  well, I'm sorry to hear that because your stuff was da bomb.

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                    Thank you for weighing in. WFM told me emphatically that TT "went out of business" and therefore the MIA marshmallows. So it was WF' s decision.....very interesting. Oh well, they tried to peddle Jet-Puffed style marshmallows as "homemade"....Ya, right. I did notice some "gourmet" marshmallows in a case with single-serve desserts this week. It was quite a small package for 7 bucks. Hopefully the marshmallow creme stays alive.

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                      sure....with leaving WFM I have more time to cruse all things food on the web! I came across this posting and wanted to reply....I saw the marshmallows your referring to and YES they are an extruded conventional style marshmallow...not at all like we made fresh by hand. The plan was to keep the m. creme since we created the recipe but had it made and packed at a different kitchen they should be able to keep making it....I hope they do.
                      Meanwhile I'm thinking of a new venture...maybe opening a "Tiny", (no pun intended),
                      cafe in the Fall. Thanks again to all the TT Marshmallow Lovers out there!!!!!!!!!!

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                        OMG, I'll be the first in line for that..... :)

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                          I was so sorry when TT stopped making a kind of nougat that came in several flavors. I no longer remember what they were called, but one variety had little pieces of superb caramel (and nuts?) in them. I called your company to priaise them when I first discovered them, and then to cry (well, whine) when you all stopped making them! If I'm not mistaken I think this was just about the time WH bought TT. Those nougats were totally wonderful, and one went a long way.

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                            As I previously mentioned, WF is packaging a Jet-Puffed style marshmallow......yuck. But, as I walked down the isle of baking products (cake mixes, flour, sugar) I spied a bag of marshmallows on a bottom shelf. They are twice the length of a standard Jet-Puffed Marshmallow and package states "natural vanilla, Pareve, Fat Free, etc." The brand name is "Elyon" and as soon as I got in my car, I ripped the bag open. Very good vanilla flavor and nice silky texture. Much better than the standard Campfire or Jet-Puffed, great for toasting as they are almost two inches long (which is good for me as I stand with a fork over my gas burner kitchen stove :) .... They are not Tiny Trapeze, but a first rate alternative to the other stuff out there. The odd thing is the package states "Product of Israel" Maybe they are a leftover Passover product that WF carried. I hope they keep the product in their store. Whew, that is a long way to go to get a decent Marshmallow !!

                    2. Tiny Trapeze marshmallows sound out of this world.

                      Originally, the roots of the marsh mallow were used as a thickening agent. Unfortunately, the jet-puffed variety which catches fire rather than toasting properly seems to have replaced the traditional marshmallow confection. My dad used to buy Campfire Marshmallows which produced the only traditional marshmallow until the grocery stores stopped carrying the product in Canada. Campfire Marshmallows operates out of Chicago and their website says they use the same recipe from 1948. Another product which has received excellent reviews is Greg's marshmallow icecream.

                      1. TT is out of business???? I've been buying their Marshmallow Creme at WFM up until a few months ago. Then it disappeared. Looking for it online I stumbled into this discussion. A few years late. I guess I'll never have a really good fluffernutter sandwich again. :-(

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                          Good news....about a year ago, the founder of Tiny Trapeze(also the founder of Dancing Deer), Suzanne Lombardi, opened up a small take out place in Milton Lower Mills (a block from Steel and Rye)called The Plate. Really good sandwiches, salads, soup a few already packaged takeout dinners and a few desserts like cookies, dessert bars, etc. Things change seasonally. I asked her whether she'd consider making the marshmallows for the shop and she is considering making them for next winter!
                          Here's her web site: