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Mar 15, 2009 08:16 PM

Cabo and Puerto Vallarta with kids


Any help with kid-friendly Cabo restaurants would be greatly appreciated. We get off the ship and don't want to get sucked into a tourist trap. Easy to get to, nice view would be a plus. We will be walking...

Also, we will be in PV for a day and want to eat in the Zona Romantica (south of the river, downtown). Thanks!

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  1. I can't comment about Cabo, but did live in P.V. for a number of years. A good place w/ kids would be El Brucco on Venustiano Carranza on the south side. It's very popular with everyone and is owned and run by a Mexican family who all work there. Very good food at reasonable prices and you can get good drinks also. From there you can walk west toward the ocean and see the entire Zona Romantico. Any tasxi driver will know how to get to El Brucco.

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        Do you happen to remember a cross street? Thanks again!

      2. I think robt is referring to El Brujo a seafood restaurant at Venustiano Carranza and Naranjo. But I would also suggest that you walk the Malecon but continue south past the town center and over the bridge. There are many restaurants on the water in every price range and with a choice of food types.

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        1. Read a few posts and now intrigued in finding Los Claros and Gordo Lele, can anyone give me directions there? How far from the main dock? Walking distance with 3 kids (one 5 year old and two 9 yr olds)?

          1. sorry I was wrong on the spelling, it is EL Brujo.