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Mar 15, 2009 07:16 PM

Interesting foreign cooking shows??

I was looking on the net and found Cooking Down Under......Decent enough show. What intrigued me was the different foods, flavors. So I looked for other shows and came up with little.....
Helps if its in english, second language choice would be french.Interested in any good shows even if in other language - still be neat to watch.
Must be from another country....and not something we have on tv here so no Jamie Oliver or Nigella.
I would be very interested in your suggestions , thanks

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  1. Look at Food Safari - it's from Australia and has clips up on Youtube. It's an Australian take on different cuisines - and their pad thai recipe is my go to these days.

    In Canada we were lucky enough to have it shown on Foodtv Canada a couple of years ago.

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      Food Safari is the ultimate in Food Porn. Was once called "Food Lovers Guide to Australia".

      Also, here in OZ, we have The Cook and The Chef, with the doyenne of OZ food, Maggie Beer. Most of the show's recipes feature local produce and recipes.

      Also try and catch Surfing the Menu, it's rather quirky!

      Just be aware, if you try to follow any recipes, they are all in metric measurements..

    2. I'm not sure this hasn't been posted before, but there's a whole world of foreign cooking instruction (some fun, some painful, much enjoyable and useful) on Youtube. I browsed, for example, on "ricette siciliane" for Sicilian recipes and came across more than few clips, usually homemade, of a nonna demonstrating her recipes on the home stove. In Italian (or dialect, sometime) of course, but sometimes it doesn't matter. There are other regional tags within Italy, as well as tags for specific dishes, and I'm sure there's a youtube collection for most every national cuisine. I also found a regional Italian TV net that streams its programs, including 2 that fetaure very local and traditional foods and foodways. The net is at, and the programs are Si giri ccu miu and Una giornata ben spesa--the first with a Guy Fieri type comic host, Paolo Marra, who spars in each episode with nonnas and chefs as they make very interesting local foods. Click on "programmi" at the main site, and then within each program for episodes--each focusing on a small town or village in Calabria. The 2nd section of Paolo's puntata or episode on the small town of Pollia is hilarious, showing him bantering with 2 feisty nonne making pasta with goat ragu. Enjoy. There must be more.

      1. French-language cooking shows, you say?

        I love La Cuisine des Mousquetaires, which starred a great cook called Maïté and her blonde sidekick. They made dishes from southwestern France. I'm not sure if any reruns are available (it was done in the 90s), but you can find a few clips on the Internet by searching for ""la cuisine des mousquetaires" and "Maïté".

        YouTube has a very funny clip of Maïté and a live eel that's destined for a main course. It's a stitch, especially when she croons sweet nothings to the eel, but it's not for the squeamish.

        For current French cooking shows, check out France 3's Côté Cuisine (I haven't seen it - I don't have the right software).


        1. The German D -W TV has a fantastic show a couple days a week: five or six chefs, a host, and an audience of hounds. Each chef cooks one course of a multiple course meal. A really, really luscious setting of ingredients. Lots of discussion of the dishes and the ingrdients; lots of funny banter among the chefs; no ego shows; lots of interaction with the audience, who get to try the dishes and who (last time I watched) were asked to help ouput by doing things like shelling peas. Lots of trying the dishes; and no problems with double dipping - or any other stuf that riles Americans.

          Will post about the shows here in Latin America tomorrow.

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          1. re: Sam Fujisaka

            Ah, funny, Sam. When I read your first sentence, I thought you might be referring to "Das perfekte Dinner", which is on 5 days a week: 5 contestants take turns in having the other 4 over to their house, and preparing 'the perfect dinner'. The 4 guests get to rate their experience, and at the end of the week, the person with the most points wins money.

            It's pretty entertaining -- you wouldn't believe how incredibly bitchy some of the contestants get. Or maybe you would, having been on chowhound this long '-D

            1. re: linguafood

              That show looks great! I wish they had videos on Vox. We had something similar stateside on TLC, though judging by the recipes, it doesn't look like we were anywhere near as stylish as these contestants.

              1. re: linguafood

                We have that same format in the UK. It's called 'Come Dine with Me' and I kind of love it.

                1. re: linguafood

                  The show I referred to above is "Lanz Koch". Once a week. Really fantastic cooks and cooking - really a good time and luscious cooking. In German.

                  1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                    Interesting. I just came back from a 3.5 month stint in Germany, but the show doesn't seem to be on there. Then again, I didn't spend a lot of time watching TV. Too many restos needed my attention '-)

              2. Wow food safari is food porn, Food safari has a website .......between that and other sites - its been great. Getting exactly what I want - some different flavors , ingredients and how they are worked with. Sam, looking forward to a local link if you can find one. THanks , everyone - so far all who have posted has had a great suggestion or link