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Mar 15, 2009 07:09 PM

Girls night out dinner in Westchester

I am looking for a "fun" place for me and my friends to have dinner for my birthday. Something "interactive" like fondue (but did that last year and it was a disapointment). Some place different. Dining out is our form of entertainment so I'm looking for something other than the norm. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Interactive..... I haven't been but Kalbi House in White Plains is Korean and lets you cook your own meat, I believe. Aberdeen Dim Sum in White Plains has tiny, fun little plates, all good, but the environment isn't the most festive. Come to think of it, I think Kalbi House is pretty tiny and small, too.

    Ordering up a bunch of small plates/tapas to be shared is also interactive. I had a nice, albeit expensive dinner at Peniche in White Plains. All the tapas were quite good, but I think I spent over $75 and left hungry. Great, fun atmosphere though.

    Another idea is trying to get reservations at Tarry Lodge in Port Chester. It's relatively inexpensive, especially for the quality of dishes, and the restaurant especially excels at the small antipasti dishes, which can be enjoyed similar to tapas. Maybe get a whole bunch of the antipasti dishes and share a pizza or two? Here's some pictures from when I went, so you get an idea of the size of the small dishes:


    Another idea is to look for an authentic sushi joint and have the chef do the omakase (chef's choice) for your table. It's adventurous and fun. I'd say Sushi Nanase for quality, but the environment might be a bit too reverent. If you're having a festive birthday dinner and want to get loud (as you should), the chef might get angry - hehe.

    A friend of mine did a "cooking party" at MacMenamins Grill in New Rochelle not too long ago. Each group was responsible for cooking a different course under the supervision of a chef. At the end of the course, they all got to eat and enjoy what they created - not sure if this still goes on, but that could be a fun time. My friend loved it.

    Good luck - my vote is for Tarry Lodge!

    1. Peniche in White Plains is a perfect place to go with a group. Small plates, great for sharing, come out as they are ready. Great food, great drinks (sangria), loud, and fun. Just make sure you request a table in the "front" room if you can - the rear dining room, while fine, is a little more set back and not as much "fun".

      1. Soma 107 in white plains.

        1. Quick List off the top of my head

          Melting Pot in WP
          Edo's - Pelham or Mt. Fuji in Larchmont/Mamk
          MacMenamin's - New Ro
          Thomas Stone - Tuckahoe

          1. We recently had dinner at Noda in White Plains (Japanese hibachi). We went with friends mostly because we all have kids and thought they would like it. We were actually quite surprised that the food was as good as it was. Not cheap, but very tasty. And they make a big deal when it's your birthday.


            BTW, didn't McMenamin's close?

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              Still open despite some problems but it's now Don Coqui. Brian MacMenamin is still involved though.

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                I would ditto Nodas. It was surprisingly good. I had sushi while the rest of our group had the hibachi. All were satisfied.