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Mar 15, 2009 06:48 PM

Post Bar/Late Night Eats

Any recommendations for post bar/late night eats in the city?

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  1. Swatow's is a good Chinese restaurant on Spadina opened usually until 4 on club nights.

    7 West is my favorite late night place. It's a cafe with a Queen St. vibe on Charles St. Open 24/hours.

    If you're in North York, Owl of Minerva is open, Scarborough has Perfect Chinese Restaurant.

    1. Reggie's Old-Fashioned Sandwiches is open 24hrs. It's on king west, just east of portland.
      My coworker had a chicken parmesan sandwich and he really enjoyed it. I stole some of his fries and i thought they were tasty.

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      1. The black hoof is the obvious, and in my opinion, best option. they are out of town until wednesday though. the harbord room is another option. i havn't been but have heard good things. of course chinatown is always a good option if thats the type of food you're looking for. overall though, i would say that toronto's decent-good late night food scene is dismal at best.

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        1. re: leslievillian

          compared to other n. american cities, we're actually doing quite well. Try finding anything open late night in LA, good luck....

          I would highly recommend Pho Pasteur, they're open 24 hrs. Most of your best late night eats will be ethnic of nature. Besides downtown, quite a few Korean and Chinese places uptown do stay open quite late.

          Black Hoof & Harbord Room if I recall both close at 2am.

          1. re: leslievillian

            Seems like a strange choice to go to the Black Hoof if you're totally wasted -- why would you pay that much for food that you can't remember the next morning, no matter how good it is? Other posters have suggested various Chinatown places and Smoke's Poutinerie or Burrito Boyz, which seem more appropriate.

          2. Smoke's Poutinerie is doing the late-night thing ('til 4:00 on weekends). I can't vouch firsthand, but I can't imagine anything better than a big feed of poutine on a bar-stomach. And there's always Burrito Boyz right downstairs if you need some variation.

            Golden Griddle is around the corner (Adelaide and Duncan) if you're desperate.

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            1. re: Rabbit

              That Golden Griddle closed down a while ago.

              1. re: lister

                Wow, that was short-lived. Didn't it open less than 2 years ago?

            2. there's a whole bunch at hwy7 ./ leslie ..... most common places include richmond court (in times square, open till past 4am i think) .... and the train pho place at chalmers/hwy 7 (open past 4am too) .... i'm sure there's others too ....