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Mar 15, 2009 06:38 PM

all natural ice cream

Does anyone know of any ice creams, other than Haagen dazs, that leaves out the gum (gar, xantham, and carrageenan). Ben and Jerrys, while claiming to be "all natural" is super gummy, and now even Breyers has "tara" gum. What is wrong with ice cream being creamy because of the cream? I may be a little picky, but I don't like to chew gum as chewing gum, and I especially don't want gum in my ice cream.

(sorry for the rant)

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  1. Turkey Hill now makes an All-Natural Line with no gums or stabilizers. off the top of my head, the only other one i know of is Straus family Creamery in California.

    even some organic brands contain natural gums. if you want your ice cream without them, you have two options - seek out the ones i mentioned or small-batch products from independent and/or organic dairies...or make your own.

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      ghg, I was thinking the same thing as the very last three words you typed. As you know, I love my Cuisinart ice cream maker and have been having a great time making all sorts of all-natural frozen goodies--ice cream, gelato...and I have recipes that came with the machine for sorbets and frozen yogurt, too. It's very easy, Steve C. If you're passionate about this, give it a whirl! :)

      1. re: kattyeyes

        Yes! The Cuisinart ice cream maker is easy to use and not expensive. I made a pineapple yogurt sherbet the other day from a Williams-Sonoma ice cream cookbook I got years ago. With fresh fruit and non-fat yogurt it's a fairly healthy dessert. And yummy.

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        I second the Turkey Hill All Natural. Very clean flavors although not as creamy as Haagen-Dazs. The only non HD ice cream that Mrs. Doc would enjoy. They use sugar not fructose corn syrup.

      3. Rats! I just threw out the carton and can't remember the brand name. I'm pretty sure it starts with an "A", and they only make about four flavors, strawberry and vanilla bean being two of them. Anyway, check out the farmers markets near you that carry a lot of organic foods. It's an organic ice cream, and it is wonderful! BEST strawberry ice cream I've had since I was three years old!

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        1. re: Caroline1

          Funny, that's about as far as my mind got! I think it might be Adele's? I'm stumped though. The vanilla is wonderful.

          1. re: enbell

            I looked at Adele's website and they listed flavors that whatever it was the I had didn't list on their carton. But who knows? Maybe it was Adeles and they only make four flavors of organic ice cream? It was incredible!

            1. re: Caroline1

              Hmmmmm, the search is on! I _will_ get to the bottom of this (and then the carton :))

              1. re: enbell

                I plan on picking some up at Sunflower Market tomorrow... But it ain't diet food! When I was 21 I had a 21 inch waist. And now I'm 75.... <sigh>

                1. re: Caroline1

                  No, diet food it is not, but moderation in all things (or as best we can...) Enjoy your treat tomorrow!

          2. re: Caroline1

            Okay.... FINALLY got to Newflower Market (Sunflower in other states) today, and the really fantastic All Natural Organic Ice Cream I love is "Alden's." Really really delicious and well worth looking for.


            1. re: Caroline1

              I don't see it on their website, but I am pretty sure that I bought either blackberry or blueberry Alden's ice cream a few months ago and it was delicious.

              1. re: fbf242

                Are you sure it wasn't Adele's Frozen Custard? Good, but not organic.


              2. re: Caroline1

                Yes, Alden's is absolutely fantastic. I fell in love with vanilla again. No longer the lowly bland flavor reserved to moisten apple pie.

                1. re: toutefrite

                  I havven't been able to taste it yet because where I live, the stores are ALWAYS out of it! I think you have to be standing on their loading docks when it comes in to get any.

                2. re: Caroline1

                  Alden's ingredient list includes gums, FWIW.

                  1. re: Sharuf

                    That shouldn't be a problem for people who aren't allergic to things like carob, or xanthan. These are important ingredients in the food industry, and unless you're allergic to any of them, they are very helpful. If you buy ready made salad dressing that is thick (as opposed to a watery vinaigrette), chances are they are "thickened" (made viscose) by the addition of one or more these gums. Some of them are rather like tiny miracles. doing magic things like retarding damage from ice crystals or curbing diarrhea and promoting bowel health.

                    Nothing to be afraid of. You can check them out here: