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Mar 15, 2009 06:18 PM

Best cup of coffee in Baltimore

For some reason, I've been getting terrible coffee wherever I go lately. Where should I got to get a really good cup?

It can be a coffee shop, bakery, restaurant, convenience store, whatever.

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  1. The Spro at the Towson Library
    Woodberry Kitchen
    Caffé Pronto in Annapolis

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    1. I second Spro. Sadly, Dunkin Donuts coffee is better than most coffee shops around here.

      Some other ones that I've had a decent, but not necessarily really good, cup at one time or another:
      Zeke's at the JFX farmer's market
      High Grounds
      Bean Hollow (Ellicott City)
      Koffee Therapy
      Cafe de Roma (Catonsville)

      1. i had breakfast at donna's on charles street yesterday and, even though we had an hourlong drive ahead of us, we couldn't stop ourselves from having a second cup. really, great coffee.

        1. I can't remember the name, but there was a really good place inside that market right off of 28th street near Sisson. (they were the guys that had tastings of the cat poop coffee a couple months back...). I go there once a month or so to stock up on coffee and dump things at the dump nearby. Sounds like a strange combination, but it works.

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            That would be Zeke's. They have a shop just off Harford Road right north of Lake Montebello. They also sell at the Waverly Market and the JFX Market, as well as a few other places. They do all their own roasting.

            It really is good coffee -- it's the only kind I buy. Cool people too.

            Zekes Coffee
            3003 Montebello Ter, Baltimore, MD

            1. re: JonParker

              The Red Canoe, right near Zeke's on Harford Rd. brews Zeke's coffee that they get fresh every day. I've only had it a few times and it was great, but have heard the same from others who get it more often. Plus it's a really cute little shop.

              1. re: JonParker

                Actually, I don't think Zeke's is the place being referred to. Maybe the poster can clarify. Both Zeke's retail place off Harford Rd and the Waverly farmers market are far enough away from Sisson str and the dump that it makes me believe the above post is referring to another spot. Am I wrong?

                1. re: KAZ

                  Yep, they are talking about the Mill Valley General Store at 2800 Sisson Street, there is a Zeke's in there and other good vendors!


                  1. re: hon

                    That's the place!
                    Actually, this same topic is on Eliz. Large's blog on

            2. I am a big fan of High Grounds – it's a coffee shop and used bookstore on Eastern Avenue in Highlandtown. The owner has established a fair trade partnership with some coffee growers in Costa Rica and the coffee is fabulous.