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Mar 15, 2009 06:01 PM

Seeking eastern township cheese fun

We are 10 of us in montreal. all staff from a restaurant that focuses on cheese and charcuterie.
I've heard there are a lot of off-the-radar cheese producers on the outskirts of montreal but dont know of any off by hand or where to find them.
Looking for fun places to take the staff and see what cheese makers are making. preferably make a nice morning out of it.

Also, other then the jean talon marche, anything else a staff of food enthusiasts would appreciate with our three days in town.

Thanks for any recommendations.

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  1. Le Fromage Station in the outskirts of Coaticook has award winning cheeses - we especially loved Alfred le Fermier, a nutty, firm cheese. It's a lovely shop and you can taste their cheeses right there.

    1. Have a look at the cheese route over here:

      you get 6 or 7 results with "cantons de l'est", all milks and all types. The other matches don't seem to work well.

      I agree that La Station in Compton makes very good cheese, and is a nice place to stop. But it's 2 hrs from Montreal, so it might be better to plan a day of sight seeing and tasting rather than just a morning. You can also look into Lanaudière and Laurentides cheese makers, north of Montreal.

      another cheese thread: