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Mar 15, 2009 05:45 PM

help dim sum recipes

looking for authentic dim sum recipes, have checked the web quite a bit but not getting the results im looking for. anyone have suggestions for sites, or theyre own recipes.....specifically hai gow, sui mai, black bean spàreribs and any other dumplingish plate thanks

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  1. You say "checked the web". Where did you check? I just googled dim sum recipes and got a ton of them including what you're looking for.

    1. ya thats what i did, unfortunetly a lot of them just werent that good. was just checking if anybody had some tried and tested links.

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        I would suggest you start by making a good shrimp mousse and ground pork mixture. Ming Tsai has some excellent recipes. You can vary your dumplings with the addition of vegetables and other ingredients to make many combinations, including:
        * Green Onions
        * Garlic chives
        * Black Mushrooms
        * Water Chestnuts
        * Bamboo Shoots
        * Napa or Shanghai Cabbage
        * Chinese Eggplant, Bitter Melon, Peppers or Firm Tofu stuffed.
        * Yuba or Bean Curd Sheets

        As for the Spare Ribs in Black Bean Sauce, it's simply cut up spare ribs or tips mixed with or without cornstarch and the inclusion of any of the following with fermented Black Soy Beans:

        salt, white pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil, Shoa Hsing wine, bean paste.

        I like mine with a little heat, so I always include a sliced long hot pepper or jalapeno pepper, whatever is in the vegetable bin at the time.

        As for the cooking method....always steamed and not braised

      2. soo labor intensive - leave to the pros or invite a team over for a production line/binge.

        1. How about your local library? There are two good books on dim sum that I can think of. One is Ellen Blonder's Dim Sum, and the other title escapes me at the moment... but it's a very comprehensive all-around (older - 70's?) cookbook about dim sum dishes only.

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                hey, pg! it's you! i'm gonna try your furry meatballs.