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Mar 15, 2009 05:35 PM

Top 5 Cheap Eats Healthy Fairfield County

Some new ideas for Stamford mostly and I want healthy and no greasy food. Trying to be very good with the healthy eating now. Thanks

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  1. We ate at EOS which is Greek. Terrific fresh food. While it is not cheap, if you order meze rather than main dishes it is not terribly expensive. I love the moussaka and for $9 you get a very nice portion--I even take some home for lunch the next day.

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      demom: Nobody talks about EOS on here at all, I am happy to hear it is good, I love Greek will try when it gets warmer and take a walk there. what else did you have there and if anyone else has been, please tell.

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        We've been there a few times recently. We've had gyro (at lunch only), grilled veggies in a pita, wonderful lamb chops, and my DH has had the branzino? fish, freshly made. The food is fresh and delicious. Love the french fries and salad ,too. Not too thrilled with the spinach and string beans on the side dishes. The service is quite nice. We have really enjoyed our meals there and look forward to going back. nbermas, hope you like it!

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          Why wait 'til it's warmer? I've also been several times and have enjoyed it. The pita with dips are a great entree, as are the zucchini. My friend loved his salmon, and the lamb I got was very good! It's a lovely place.

      2. In Stamford, I like Capriccio for salads and soups.
        In Greenwich, Meli-Melo has even better soups and good salads. It's packed at lunch, though, every day.

        1. Shandal's Vegetarian Cafe on Capital Ave. in Bridgeport is really good and CHEAP!!!! I'm really surprised they don't get more love on chowhound.