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Mar 15, 2009 04:15 PM

April in Paris- Hotel Lutetia and Left Bank

We are major lovers of food and wine. Would love suggestions for our 10 days in Paris. Planning on mostly bistros nothing stuffy, nice bars, jazz and somewhere to sip absinthe. Merci

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  1. I love food and wine and there is no better place to enjoy it then Paris!! My husband and I enjoy the bistros best of all. I have a few suggestions for some great little bistros on the left bank that we have enjoyed.
    Monsieur Lapin
    11 rue R Losserand
    01 43 20 21 39
    It is in the 14th right behind the 6th where you are staying. Really good food lotsof rabbit dishes and it is a lovely little bistro. We love it.

    Le Petie Pontoise
    9 rue de Pontoise
    01 43 29 25 20
    It is in the 5th, the food is excellent, great escargot and I love the duck!! Very small, quaint little bistro.

    Le Florimond
    19 Ave de la Motte Picquet
    01 45 55 40 38
    In the 7th very close to Rue Cler, where you must go. A pedestrian only street chock full of all kinds of shops and venders. Very, very good bistro and an excellent area, and in walking distance to the tower.

    Le Petie Troquet
    28 Rue de L'Exposition
    01 47 05 80 39
    I love this little and it is very little bistro. It is in the 7th very close to Rue Cler. Excellent food, very, very good bistro fare.

    La Fontain de Mars
    129 St Dominique
    01 47 05 46 44
    Again in the 7th.

    Le Vieux Bistro
    14 Rue Du Cloitre Notre-Dame
    01 43 54 18 95
    Right next to Notre Dame, you would think it is a tourist trap, but it is excellent. Fantastic frog legs, escargot, rack of lamb. I never miss this bistro when I am in Paris. It is one of our favorites.

    Just keep searching these boards there are so many to choose from!! Have a wonderful trip!!!

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      Thank you for your time and great reccommendations. We are excited to try them out.

    2. La Tour de Montlhéry (also known as Chez Denise)
      5, rue des Prouvaires
      Paris 1

      Near the location of the old Les Halles market. Lunch can last for hours here – crowded, a little noisy. Make friends with the folks sitting on either side of you – you can hardly help it! La carte is written on blackboards and the dishes are huge – share, share, share! Great steak frites and the salade frisée has nearly more lardons than it has frisée!

      l’Ambassade d’Auvergne
      22, rue Grenier St-Lazare
      Paris 3

      Food is based on the mountain region of the Auvergne – the specialty, as far as we’re concerned, is the aligot, a wonderful dish of pommes purée combined with cantal cheese. Whatever you get, make sure you get at least one serving of aligot for everybody to share. It’s a little out of the way, so you’ll want to take a taxi and have them call one for you after dinner.

      2 bis, Place des Vosges
      Paris 4
      This is a lovely little spot right on the Place des Vosges where we dined quite a while ago. What drew us in was the scent of roasting meat – and the enormous rotisserie we could see from the window. It was under Claude Terrail’s management (late director of La Tour d’Argent) at the time but, of course, we didn’t know that. Simple, traditional, classic.

      8, rue Descartes
      Paris 5

      The newest addition to our list of favorites – limited menu, really interesting preparations, lovely service. If I remember correctly, my husband said his veal dish was the best he’s ever eaten. It’s just the chef and his wife, with a few tables in a small, somewhat sparsely-decorated dining room, so reservations are important. They’re getting a great deal of publicity these days, too. They’re open for lunch and dinner – check the website for days and times. This is another out-of-the-way spot, so taxis would be the way to go – in both directions.

      28, rue des Fossés St-Bernard
      Paris 5
      One of my favorite restaurants in Paris because of one particular dish: quenelles. A single portion is one enormous quenelle in a chafing dish, with a fabulous lobster sauce. I was terrified when I saw it but ate nearly the entire thing myself – it’s actually light as a cloud. Also, great Lyonnaise pork dishes and memorable gratin dauphinois.

      Le Comptoir
      5, carrefours de l’Odeon
      Paris 6
      We love to go here for lunch. (On our last trip, we went on the first day and again on the last.) Tiny tables, quite crowded, no reservations for lunch. It’s worth the wait. I love their lentil soup! They do dinner, as well, but it’s a set menu – no choices – and is booked more than a month in advance. Never mind – lunch is great and, I can’t emphasize it enough, absolutely worth standing in line for.

      79, rue St-Dominique
      Paris 7

      This is a somewhat run-down belle époque dining room of a hotel – close to the Eiffel Tower. Love this one for traditional confit de canard and Jim’s favorite, cassoulet. Also on this street are several restaurants owned/run by Christian Constant – Le Violin d’Ingres, Café Constant… you might want to investigate.

      Out of town:
      Le Capucin Gourmand
      170, Route Nationale 10
      78310 Cognieres

      If you happen to take a side-trip by car to Versailles, this is a worthy lunch stop. On our 2nd trip to Paris, years ago, we had a tour with a driver who took us here and told us they were the only restaurant in the world who served snail pâté (which was delicious!). Don’t know if it was true that they were the only ones or if they still serve it but, if you’re going to be in the area, it might be worth a call. Also, I had fabulous ris de veau. Bear in mind, this was a long time ago…

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        Thank you for your time and great reccommendations.