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Mar 15, 2009 04:13 PM

Fine dining lunch in LV with a toddler?

Okay, I know these two don't usually go together, but we will be in LV next week and would love to have one really nice lunch. Our daughter is 17 months and is a pro at eating out. Are there any really good places that are somewhat kid friendly? I figured that lunch time might be better than trying to go at dinner. We are open to any cuisine and $ amount.

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  1. I would try San Marco in the Venetian. It's a Mario Batali restaurant and is great for lunch Sit in the outside area and your kids will be entertained by the street preformers while you enjoy some great food.

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      Along the same vein as SDGourmand, I would recommend Mon Ami Gabi. It is in the Paris Hotel. You can sit outside and watch the Bellagio fountains as well as the tourists. The food there is good, not outstanding, but the prices aren't astronomical either. I think the fries they serve with their steaks are some of the best around.

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        Even Olives in the Bellagio wouldn't be bad. I'm just not a fan of Todd English so I personally stay away from his places. They have an outdoor patio as well overlooking the fountains.