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Mar 15, 2009 04:08 PM

st patrick's day meal - monmouth cty

We would like to go for our annual st patrick's day meal of corned beef and cabbage early ( Monday nite ) any suggestions as to where to go?
Maybe a place that has other Irish-y things as well - Thx

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  1. I'm sure there are many places to choose from, but the Dublin House in Red Bank is a good bet. If for nothing else, the pub atmosphere...the food is pretty good as well.

    1. st. stephen's green on Rt. 71 in Spring Lake Heights ... many traditional Irish items on menu, tons of Irish whiskey, Guiness, etc.

      you could also trek to Rod's in Sea Girt, but that's a definite step down regarding food unless you're looking for the average corned beef and a great drinking atmosphere at the bar

      1. I really can't deal with the mobs of hoi polloi clamoring for overpriced assembly line corned beef dinners at any Irish place on St. Patricks day. Try hitting up El Meson or Bayou Cafe and save the corned beef dinner for Cinco de Mayo...

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          Funny thing - we gave up on corned beef and are now heading for Sushi -
          Have another post regarding where I should go!
          Kazu vs Kanji!

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            Kazu for for times.

        2. McDonough's Irish Pub on Front St. in Keyport