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Mar 15, 2009 03:24 PM

Crumbs Coming to New Canaan

Jfood can only smile. As he was walking this afternoon with me and Mrs Jfood he saw the new "Coming Soon" sign.

It will be locate right next to Pain Quotitien and the Movie Theatre onthe other side.

So shortly a couple of cupcakes can join the jfoods at the theatre.

Now jfood needs to convince the theatre to sell milk.

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  1. Had it not been for the cupcakes that my niece had brought from Crumbs for Thanksgiving, I would have been very excited when I too saw the "coming soon" sign in our town. What you get are VERY large and VERY sweet cupcakes. They are novel and I'm guesing that except for the slurping sound you're going to make behind someone in the movie, they're much quieter to eat than popcorn. Soon after they open, the give away 1,000 cupcakes in a day for people to sample. I didn't go (this from someone who got excited about the free hotdog sign at a rest area on the Ct. Turnpike). Enjoy!

    1. Another one is opening in Westport by Jesup Green next door to Matsu Sushi.

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      1. re: sibeats

        I dislike this place immensly, the food is so mass produced and not tasty at all.. I went to Pain Q recently and there things are far superior.

      2. To be clear. Jfood is not smiling because he is excited about the cupcakes. He has a couple of wooden nickles in his car, each for a free cupcake because he bought one in STM that had a clump of butter fat in it.

        But a cupcake is better than nothing in a movie theatre.

        Hoepefully these are better made than STM

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        1. re: jfood

          I'm glad you clarified Jfood, because I have to admit, I was confused as to why this place would make you, or anyone for that matter, smile. I find the cupcakes extremely uninspiring, and expensive - although the combinations are somewhat creative. Even the space (in Stm at least) isn't inviting, I'm shocked they are able to expand so quickly with such a mediocre at best product,

          1. re: gunksny

            the smile was at least there is a store where a vacancy was.

            1. re: jfood

              and let's not forget, that the space they are renting is owned by the taxpayers of new canaan and i believe they are paying $100/ sq ft. we are going to need the revenue these days.

            2. re: gunksny

              I totally concur with you an expensive waste of horrible tasting cupcakes, they taste like cardboard and the chocolate wasn't to me high quality at all. My criteria is excellent quality used for any place I go to or else I make it myself. Any places I don't know about? I know Pain, Chocopologie, Sono Bakery and I think that is all I really have like many times.

              1. re: nbermas

                I once ate cupcakes from crumbs in manhattan...the frosting was cheap and nasty and the cake pretty dry and too big...does each store make their own or are they shipped from some central industrial estate factory somewhere in NJ?

                Regards le pain...I am reevaluating their products. I like the coffee and the breakfast items but the sandwiches & soups I find to be pretty uninspiring these days and massively expensive. I paid 10.50 for roast turkey "tartine" at the weekend. About 5 little dainty triangles of bread with slivers of sandwich meat on top , a squirt of some nondescript dressing and one or two slivers of spring onions. Oh and it did come with 3 salad leaves also. Musn't forget. Way overpriced. My wife had a tuna salad tartine and it cost something like 11 bucks...ridiculous prices...

                1. re: Scotty100

                  i agree with the comments that le pain is overpriced. however, their take out sandwiches are a good deal and usually better (in my opinion). they also make outstanding hot chocolate and have a nice cheeseplate. their wines by the glass are also reasonably priced.

                  1. re: LW1

                    I love Hot Chocolate and besides Chocoplogie's special HC I am happy to try theirs too! Is it dark chocolate?

                    1. re: nbermas

                      It's good.

                      Hey, you ever try a DIRTY Martini?

                2. re: nbermas

                  Agreed. Crumbs is disgusting. Too sweet and factory produced in some warehouse in the city. I wouldve much prefered a smaller, independent bake shop like Kneaded Bread or Sono -- a place where they make their stuff fresh.

            3. The original comment has been removed