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Mar 15, 2009 03:21 PM

AK for Sunday Brunch

Mme Zoe's birthday fell today, as it usually does on the Ides of March and this year we were happy that a new Scandinavian restaurant was in town (Mme Zoe being Danish on her Dad's side).

The Brunch menu is interesting but with an exception of a herring plate, not very Scandinavian. Lovely room, attentive service (easy street parking) and quality cutlery, plates and chairs (very comfortable). Ordered lemon ricotta pancakes - delicious but only three pancakes were not enough. Mme had the three meat hash which was not ground hash with three meats but chopped with a couple of eggs on top. Had to ask for toast (2 slices rather than a bread basket). Mimosas good in good quality glasses. Other guests also had hash and the Crocque Madame. However when I came home I had to eat a cup of soup (Liptons) and a rye crisp with Ikea cod roe spread on it.

Would we return? I prefer Joe's for brunch because you really feel like you are having a brunch rather than a sparse repast. Would be interested in other Hounds' experience.

$120 including tip for four people.

1633 Abbot Kinney

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  1. How funny. We were there today for brunch, too. I had the croque madame and thought it and the salad served with it were good, but I left hungry which hardly ever happens to me at a restaurant. We ended by walking up the street and getting a slice. Wife had the egg white frittata, which she thought was fine. Our daughter just had eggs and her bf had the hash which he thought was awful and certainly looked way too dry.

    Our waitress was friendly but incompetent. Completely forgot to bring the toast and we could never connect with her until the entrees had already been eaten. She made up for it by bringing a fruit plate, but the cantaloupe was hard as a rock, which certainly raises the question of why a market driven restaurant would serve fruit that is unripe/out of season. Then, when we asked for our check she dropped it off at the wrong table, adding another ten minutes to our already acute desire to leave this place.

    I think it's an attractive space but I won't return. And, while the chairs were comfortable enough, they were the wrong height for the table which meant that even sitting on the cushion, the table is still at about the level of my sternum.I find this terribly unpleasant and this is a pet peeve of mine that, by itself, is enough to keep me from returning to a restaurant.

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      Your check was dropped off at our table but we never picked it up because we were involved in conversation; then someone came by and said, oh this is not your check and then we waited again. I was truly hungry by the time we got home - again, that hardly ever happens. Could not understand why a muffin basket was not brought to nibble on. It was certainly the old 'spa' style cuisine. Nice presentation but not much munch.