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Mar 15, 2009 01:03 PM

Mustard Oil in DC/Nova?

Is there a place to buy mustard oil for cooking in the DC Metro area?
I saw it featured on one of those "Bizarre Foods" shows on TV, I think on a Delhi episode.

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  1. I was just at the Super H Mart today and they had it. I think you can also buy it at many Indian grocery stores. Of note, it is more expensive than other vegetable oils. I think the price is similar to grapeseed, walnut or avocado oil.

    1. FYI: the Mustard Oil will almost surely be labeled as NOT FOR COOKING. I think they have to do that by law. Might have to do with the scare in India a few years back, but it is perfectly fine for cooking.

      1. The FDA web site says there are two kinds of mustard oil, and the one that is an expressed oil and containing erucic acid is to be avoided, even though it is used in other cultures as a cooking oil.

        They give the OK to the version produced by steam distilling though:

        Make sure you know what you're buying.

        1. ruth lafler was just ralking about that erucic acid in the original rapeseed oil -- a toxin. the seeds had to be modified to lessen the erucic acid to make "canola" oil.

          every asian market and local indian grocery has mustard oil. in every case, the ones i've seen for sale are labeled as "not for human consumption" (or something to that effect, "not for cooking" or the like); but, obviously, they are used for cooking. what else might they be used for? back rubs for aging athletes?

          A-1 market in arlington, across from mcdonald's on lee hwy, near glebe, is my local indian grocery. i go to h-mart in merrifield or the grand mart in seven corners for asian food, cooking supplies and fresh vegetables, in general.

          frankly, i don't know what flavor profile mustard oil brings to the dish. anyone?