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Mar 15, 2009 12:45 PM

Evan's Kitchen - Sacramento

I saw this review in the SacBee - I travel to Sacramento periodically - any CHers been here? What do you think?

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  1. i have been for breakfast and lunch and both have been excellent. totally have to agree about the decor tho!
    now i'm going to have to try dinner- sounded marvelous

    1. I've been regularly. And a fan of Evan since he was at Limelight. The execution is consistently good, and I have had zero problems. The review is spot on and the preparation is honest and forthcoming. I would rather spend my money on a local than a chain, so we go to Evan's Kitchen.

      That being said, I am not sure it is Chowhoundish. My definition of a Chowhound restaurant / vendor / source is one that I would drive 50+ miles out of my way to experience.

      If you are in town, I would make the trek.

      1. I've only been for breakfast so far, but have enjoyed each time, esp. the chicken fried steak. The decor is still what it was when it was First Immigrant Cafe. Who cares if the food is good.

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          I've heard the CFS is pretty spectacular but never had it myself. What did you think of it? Anything that makes it unique or stand out above the usual?

          1. re: dimsumgirl

            It's cooked nicely, tender, not a dried out breaded shingle like some I've had. But the best thing about it, at least for me, is the gravy. I have never been a huge gravy fan. I will ask for it on the side any time I order a CFS cause it just never does much for me. The first time there my mom got the CFS and I got something else. When she got her plate I looked at the gravy on it and asked if I could have a taste of it, cause it looked better then most gravy I'd seen before. It's a sausage gravy that you can actually see the sausage in. And it tastes GOOD, not like wallpaper paste with a little grease thrown in it. So, yeah, it's the gravy for me. It still tastes good without it, but it's the first CFS I've ever eaten where I've eaten all the gravy that comes with it.

            1. re: elkgrovestella

              Personally, I think the gravy is the deal breaker with CFS. If the gravy isn't yummy, the dish isn't worth ordering. Will definitely keep it on my list to try. Thanks for the reply.