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Mar 15, 2009 12:44 PM

freezing cake with icing??

I usually just make the cake out of the box with store bought icing and I wanted to make a cake a fews days early for someone's birthday. I'm wondering if I could make the cake, ice it, and freeze it without any damage?

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  1. Sure. Put the cake in the freezer until the icing is very firm then wrap it in plastic wrap--getting out as much air as possible without pressing on the icing. Then wrap again in foil. Thaw the cake, without unwrapping, in the fridge overnight. It'll be fine.

    1. Here's the problem: frozen cake should be defrosted IN the wrapping, so the condensation is on the outside of the plastic or foil and doesn't soak into the cake. If you do this with a frosted cake, the frosting will stick to the wrap when you peel it off and you're left with a mess. Better to bake the cake, freeze unfrosted, then thaw and frost on the day. If you DO freeze the frosted cake, remove the wrap while everything is still frozen, then cover loosely - either in a cake carrier or with toothpicks to keep the wrap away from the frosting - and defrost in the refrigerator since the natural dehydrating effect of refrigeration will minimize condensation.

      (I am telling myself that you add your own special extras to the cake mix and frosting to make it a little more homemade! ;-] Don't disillusion me....but I'll add that thoroughly stirring some room-temp butter or cream cheese - or, even less work, whipped cream cheese - into the canned frosting makes it taste a lot less institutional.)

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        Excellent point, greygarious. But instead of just covering it loosely, I would put it in as air-tight a container as possible both to avoid that condensation and to minimize absorbtion of refrigerator odors. If you could put it in a cake carrier, under one of those cake domes, or even in a taped cake box it would help with both those issues.