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Mar 15, 2009 12:22 PM

Looking for Boston-style knish?

does anyone out there know where i can get boston-style knishes in nyc? i grew up on these and just haven't been able to find them outside of the boston area.

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  1. Curious about what the difference is between a Boston style knish and New York knishes?

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    1. re: Ann900

      boston style are filled with beef and the dough is yellow/orange. also, from my experience they are cocktail sized. my husband says they taste a little like jamaican beef patties....

    2. You can't even get a decent New York style knish in New York now. Read some of the other boards on this website.

      1. Grew up in Brookline, MA and came to NYC in '83. 25 years and I haven't found a knish like they have in Coolidge Corner or Newton Center (Katz's, Yonah Schimmel, Zabar's, 2nd Ave Deli, etc). New York's are larger with a greater variety of fillings, but not that particular meaty blend from home. Must be the water; I still contend that Dunkin' Donuts here taste very different from the ones in Boston.

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        1. re: Andy T.

          Andy, don't know if you ever had the knishes at the old B&D Deli on Beacon Street in Brookline. Those knishes were great. Much smaller and narrower than the heavy New York mashed potato patties they call knishes.

          I too would love to try a "Boston" knish in New York.

        2. make them yourself. standard oil based pastry recipe combined with a bit of potato flakes and smoked paprika. this makes the dough red. then when making the meat filing, cut your onions very small, use fatty ground beef and then add potato flakes to soak up the fat (do not drain). this will create a fluffy meat filling to put into your reddish colored dough. bake and eat baked.

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