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Mar 15, 2009 12:00 PM

Denver: Found a gem - great Bánh mì - Vietnamese sandwiches

I had tried these tasty mini-sandwiches before and had forgotten how good that they can be. While visiting my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Denver, New Saigon, I asked our waiter for a recommendation on where I can get these...

He said there was a place only one block up the street -- Baker's Palace @ 550 S Federal Blvd. I'm glad he recommended it because I never would have tried it otherwise. Not a place you'd stop without knowing it was there.

Boy was I glad that I did stop! I had the Combo Bánh mì and it was excellent. I posted a review of it on yelp:

I plan to go back and try other varieties. The owner said the Pork one was the most popular but they were out of it...

Has anyone else found great Bánh mì in Denver?

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  1. Good to know, thx...the real deal, with pate and everything?

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      Be Le (see my other post) has pate, I have not tried it yet.

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        I believe that they did have the Pate on the menu but I didn't try it.

      2. Ba Le Sandwich
        1044 S. Federal Blvd.

        Have not been to Baker's to compare, but Be Le is really tasty. Great bread,

        1. Pacific Ocean Mart in Broomfield has some good banh mi, they hide it in the corner of the deli area, between the soy milk and the roasted pig display. Communicating exactly which type you want is a bit hit-or-miss though. They have several combo versions with paté, plus the bbq pork type sans paté. Dunno if the POM in Denver has banh mi or not....

          1. I've tried the Aboba cafe deli banh mi today. For $2.50 you can get their 1 to 10 different 8" combination sandwich that has pate in it and it was excellent. Love their tasty boba tea!!! their server are hotties and very friendly. Recommended to anyone to try there too. Located in Lakewood 5810 W. Alameda Ave. and Harlan, next to Viet Hoa supermarket. I probably will go back twice a week for sure. :)

            101 Asian Fusion
            101 Madison St, Denver, CO 80206