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Cooking/Wine Classes in Dallas

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I am a New York foodie looking to send my two best friends to either a cooking class or a higher end wine/cheese-type pairing class in the Dallas area. Does anybody have any recommendations?

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  1. Check out centralmarket.com

    1. I know Mercy Wine Bar does classes...a couple times a week. Check their website. Usually cost around $25-$35 and Vincent Havard (their sommelier) is excellent....


      1. The best and easiset answer is a wine/cheese class at the Mozzarella Company.


        1. The Sur la Table location on Travis has cooking classes about five times a week and they allow you to bring your own wine.
          The Mozzearella Co. also has a cheese making class that's lots of fun.

          1. The Cheese 101 course or any other at Scardello. There are more specialized classes if their education has progressed and you can't find a better cheese shop in Dallas.