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Mar 15, 2009 10:49 AM

Boyfriend fam in town - Need moderately priced restaurant suggestions

Need to make a reservation for six at a moderately priced restaurant. Nothing too over the top but want to impress at the same time. Good food, good atmosphere. The type of place where you can sit, drink wine, eat good food and have good conversation. Italian or American Continental perhaps? Nothing too far downtown. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!

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  1. The place that always comes to mind when someone asks for that kind of restaurant is Giorgio's of Gramercy. I brought my parents there and they loved it. I also went with my boyfriend on another trip and he loved it also. If you go on Sunday nights, if that special is still available, you get 15$ on wine bottles.

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        oops...I forgot to say 15$ OFF on wine bottles....I forgot one word but it was an important one!

        Pan, I mean Giorgi'os of Gramercy. It is located in the Flatiron district, not downtown. You should check it out. I liked it very much both times I was there. The only thing I disliked, and which others surely love, is that the portions are huge. The first time I went there, I had an appetizer and an entree and I almost exploded! If you want to have appetizers, you should split some because they are huge.

    1. I have several questions: What does "too far downtown" mean? What does "over the top" mean? What does "moderately priced" mean? There are so many restaurants in Manhattan, so it's very hard to narrow things down unless we know what those terms mean to you.

      (By the way, cricri7: At first, I thought you were recommending Giorgione, which in one visit I've found excellent, but which I suspect is "too far downtown." I've never been to Giorgio's.)

      1. how about the red cat? it's pretty solid in my book and not outrageously priced.

        1. Thanks all for your help! A family friend ended up making the reservations, so I was off the hook. Definitely want to try Red Cat though and will keep Giorgio's on my list for next time as well.

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