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Mar 15, 2009 10:32 AM

Quality goat cheese in Edmonton

Does anyone know where I can get a good quality goat cheese in Edmonton? the stuff you get at superstore had little flavor. I tried one from safeway once too..... it was a little better.
If you've ever had the goat cheese spinach salad at The Red Ox Inn, you know what I'm looking for! (or the beet salad at D-Lux burger bar)


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  1. I am not sure about Edmonton (where I am incidentally), but I see Calgary has a place carrying Carmelli's goat cheese. We first tried their stuff about 3 yearsa ago and when we went to Kelowna for a vacation we went to visit their farm. They are a family from Israel where they had a large goat herd and made cheese. When they moved to BC they brought along the knowledge and expertise and bought goats. Their products are amazing. They will ship to Alberta and we have had ther stuff sent in. I suppose you could ask the guys in Calgary to do the same thing. Here is the link (from another recent poist on this thread) .

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      Paddy's Cheese in High Street should have what you are looking for. You could also try the cheese counter at the Sobey's Urban Fresh on Jasper Ave. they have a lot of higher end ingredients.

    2. I would second Paddy's, and suggest checking out the Italian Center as well.

      1. I just tried some Fairwinds Farm goat cheese, after Gail Hall mentioned it in her "25 Best Things to Eat in Edmonton" article in Avenue Magazine. It is delicious. Fairwinds Farm is in Fort MacLeod, where the cheese is made.
        I got it at Planet Organic southside. Apparently it's sold at Sobey's Urban Fresh on Jasper too, but I've never see it there.

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          Yes my SO reminded me of Fairwinds. We too buy it at Planet Organic. Little easier than ordering in!

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            Had to check out this article in Avenue after you mentioned it. I would be interested in hearing what others think of this list. There are a surprising number of things that I have not heard of and will be looking to try...
            such as the goat cheese, spagetti & meatballs, chicken shwarma, mexico lindo, cooks corner. I was actually surprised by how many places I had not heard of! And here I thought that I was on the edge of the food scene here...humbling ;)

            here is the article if anyone else wants to chime in....