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Restaurant Recommendation in Vietnam Town, Orlando

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I want to take some visiting friends and family to Vietnam Town in orlando (E. Colonial) and want a tried and true place that locals love. Any suggestions?

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  1. Lac Viet has the best atmosphere of the Vietnamese restaurants in that area, and a really large, detailed menu. They are a little pricier than the more casual Little Saigon, but Lac Viet will be better for impressing visitors. I like both, though.

    1. Our current favorite is Pho 88 on Mills Avenue, just north of Orange Avenue. Although I agree the atmosphere at Lac Viet is nicer, on a recent visit we didn't think the food was as good as it's been in the past; the pho in particular just didn't cut it. We went to Pho 88 a week later (since I didn't really get my "pho fix" at Lac Viet) and it was wonderful.

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        I've found the same thing at Lac Viet on my two recent visits, I thought the food had gone down a notch from it's previous high level.

      2. Little Saigon, on Colonial is fabulous. Try the green papaya salad, the pho's are wonderful, but stay away from the calamari...And be sure to cruise through the market next door, WOW. There is parking in the back, if you are head away from I-4 turn right and the lot will be on the left. The resturant has a back entrance.

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          I've been eating in Vietnam Town for over 20 years now. IMHO, Little Saigon's quality has slipped. I never thought much of Pho 88. Anh Hong is on/off. Vinh's has also always been great, but the atmosphere at Lac Viet is far and away the best of the bunch. Lac Viet gets my vote because of the food + atmosphere + service.

        2. The ViMi district has some great restaurants. Are you just going for Vietnamese? Viet Garden has great food/service and has Thai dishes as well. Little Saigon is good as well. Pho 88 is great for Pho and Banh, though it is not north of Orange Avenue as described in an earlier post, it is one block north of Colonial (50) on Mills (17-92). If you want really good Thai, go to the Thai House, just a few blocks east on Colonial. Get the Yellow Curry Scallop special or the Shrimp Paste Fried Rice.
          While you are in the area, definitely stop in the grocery stores. Oh, the things you will see and smell!

          1. I still like Lac Viet Bistro -- it features a number of North Vietnamese dishes as well as the more prevalent dishes from South Vietnam. Pho 88 is good too.
            I used to like Anh Hong, but the quality has tanked. (I have a recent review on my site.)


            1. i'm sticking with my favorite, viet garden. i think it's honestly because i like their peanut sauce the best :)

              1. Lac Viet Bistro 2021 E. Colonial Dr (407) 228 4000 I have been in all Vietnamese Restaurants in Vietnam Town Orlando, and Lac Viet is still the Best. Real Authentic, atmosphere, music, services and the foods - I cannot compare with others, even Little Saigon restaurant.

                1. i vote for pho 88, little saigon has dropped in quality since they expanded. if you in the area and feel like some chinese bbq i suggest Tasty Wok on the corner of 50 and Shine, very good bbq duck

                  1. My favorite is Pho Hoa. They have an extensive menu w a vegetarian section, and the service is pretty good too.

                    1. Hi Vofy,
                      I would recommend Lac Viet,

                      P.S the area is not called Vietnam Town its called Mills/50 the web site is www.mills50.org

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                        i agree with everyone here, lac viet is the way to go

                        pho hoa on colonial and primrose is good too.
                        pho 88 on mills ave is awesome for their pho

                        remember that vietnamese are not known for their service and you will do fine

                      2. If you like playing with your food, go to Vinh's and order the Banh Hoi. You get to "roll your own" at the table. Vinh's used to be my favorite Viet restaurant, but the owners changed a couple of years ago and the quality slipped a bit, but their Banh Hoi is still the best in town.