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Mar 15, 2009 08:41 AM

Europea or Laloux?


My husband and I will be in Montreal for 2-nights next week. I've been reading reviews and I think we'd like to try dinner at either Europea or Laloux (can't afford to do both).
We'll probably opt for the tasting menu at either place.

Opinions or recommendations are appreciated, please!....

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  1. You can't go wrong with either place. I don't think you will be disappointed whatever choice you make. I prefer Laloux, but that's strictly a personal "good memories"- "great feelings" thing. The food at both is great - but if you were to judge by food alone, I would Europea.

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      ...thanks! If we don't blow the budget in Quebec City, maybe we can try both.

    2. I strongly recommend Europea; it is an experience you will not forget. I find the prices are beyond reasonable for the service and quality of the food you get. With the tasting menu you get about 3 desserts (!) amuse bouche appetizers... it's a genuine food orgy. Now just thinking about their lobster cappucino makes me salivate..

      1. Those are 2 excellent restaurants... I don't know what your schedule is like, but to eat at both if you can't choose :-), I would recommend going to Europea for lunch if you'll be in town on a week day, as they have an excellent 3 courses menu for around 27$ that changes every week. You could keep Laloux for the evening, perhaps the next day. Laloux's Patrice Demers desserts are really something special, but the main courses, decor and attention to details are superior at Europea.
        Europea is more stylish, whereas Laloux has more of a chic bistro feel to it.
        One thing is for sure, either one would be great!

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          We went to Europea when in Mtl for our honeymoon. I must say the concierge at the hotel made an excellent recomendation. And as the place was fully booked we got the Chef's Table, and OMG what a treat that was. It was like watching the ballet how well they worked together and the food was so amazing and decadent. We both had the tasting menu and each item except the amuse bouche were different. And the Chef kept sending us little treats and amuse bouche thru out the dinner. We had to walk back to the hotel as we ate so much. I can hardly wait to go back, and the price for all the food and fun was not unreasonable at all. Under $200 including wine & tip..