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Mar 15, 2009 07:52 AM

Calgary - where to find springrolls

Does anyone know where I can pre-order finger size cooked springrolls for a party? I guess they could be frozen, but fresh would be nice. Similar to the Samosa factory in falconridge - anything like this for Springrolls? I guess I could start canvasing the Vietnamese restaurants nearby - if anyone has any good experiences with this, please share.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Check out Chuen May Dim Sum on 1st Street SE (west of the Harry Hayes Building). They have frozen spring rolls by the bag as well as other steamable dim sum that would be ideal for a party. While there pick up a sub next door at Thi Thi. Reward yourself for finding the spring rolls.

    1. The best spring rolls I have found are from the bakery in the Lambda grocery store on Centre st N at around 12th ave. They are a bit bigger than finger sized but not huge. I have no idea if you can pre-order them there and they don't always have them so I wouldn't count on them having enough for a party without checking. What I like is that the filling doesn't have an excess of bean sprouts and has identifiable chunks of vegs and meat.

      Fortune Foods furher north on Centre St around 21 or 22 ave also has frozen spring rolls but I find the filling skimpy in comparison. Still better than a lot of them. I also know people who swear by the Costco ones but haven't tried them.

      Fortune Foods has the most incredible frozen pork dumplings (jao-tze) and congee at lunch time.

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        Why would you want to eat frozen pork dumplings for lunch? Is this that molecular gastro stuff the kids are talking about? :-)

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          Yeah, yeah, sentence structure, always my bugbear, but I was trying to do 2 things at once.

          I had congee for lunch when I was picking up the frozen dumplings to take home. I don't know if they have congee all the time so I tagged it to lunch. I planned to make a post about Fortune Foods but then this post came along and I decided to save paper. ;-)

          Between Fortune Foods, Lina's and the nearby Eclair de Lune I might have to move to the area!

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            Can't wait to try it- and your efforts to save paper more than make up for any malaprops!

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              Wait Eclair de Lune? I live, well, nearly AT lina's, and Ive never heard of or seen. What is it, and where?

              Fortune Food is one of my other favorite places (Why go all the way downtown when I could just cross the street?), but bring cash for a small order or they won't hesitate to tell you off! Haha

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                Eclair de Lune is at Northmount and 40th ave which is on my way home so is close by my standards.

                I found the almond croissant was good, husband liked the chocolate crossant, said it was more like ganache than the chocolate bar that many place in their croissants. The chocolate cake was deemed a little dry by the chocolate fans but French cakes can be. The true star was the creme brulee. I don't know what is in that stuff but it is amazing. Cream cheese? creme fraiche? higher milk fat cream? Thick and so creamy.

                The place smells of butter and sugar. Wonderful.

        2. Although I have not had the chance to try them myself a few people at work have great things to say about Samosa Sisters on 4th Street NE about 1 block south of McKnight Blvd. They do both springrolls and samosas frozen to go.

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            Hi I have tried their product a few times, great!
            the place is called Sister's Spring roll & Samosa limited
            4524B Edmonton Trail NE (403)277-1838
            They are closed Sundays
            Open 9:30 - 6 pm Mon to Sat.
            Cash only 1 they will sell cooked items or make up a party tray for you, otherwise frozen product price depending on amounts.
            Very clean and friendly , hey, I think I will head down on Saturday for some spring rolls too.

          2. My favourite spring rolls are at Sunny Vietnamese Restaurant in Chinatown on 2nd Avenue - you could phone them and see if you could buy in bulk. They are small and super-crisp.

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              Pull up a chair and stick around, Miles!

            2. The original comment has been removed