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Mar 15, 2009 06:55 AM

Fort Collins and Denver


My colleague and I will be working in Fort Collins for three days and then spending one night in Denver.

We won't have time for any long, indulgent meals in Fort Collins but we will be needing to have a working dinner each night. Any recommendations for good, solid dinners but not overly formal in Fort Collins? We will have a car.

After our three-day workshop we'll have one night in Denver (near the airport). We'll still have our car and will be able to have a longer, more food-centric meal. What do you southwest (!) 'hounds suggest for one dinner in Denver?


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  1. There's a long Fort Collins thread at, incl some recent recommendations. Many about Denver, w/ same rood-centric eateries coming up again and again and again. A lot depends on the kind of food you prefer and your budget. One thin is for sure: there's not much right near the airport, but except in the heart of the rush hour, getting into town is a snap.