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Mar 15, 2009 06:32 AM

Name of flatware used on 30-Minute Meals and Iron Chef America?

I want to purchase the flatware used by Rachael Ray. It looks as if the tasting panel on ICA uses the very same pattern. I cannot find this pattern. If anyone KNOWS the name of the pattern, please advise. Thanks.
P.S. I have written to Rachael Ray and the Food Network via e-mail with no result. I do not want to go to and look through endless pages of patterns.

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    1. I am bumping this up to update my info. Tthe Martha Stewart-produced show called "Everyday Cooking" uses the flatware in question. I also saw a "30-Minute Meals" from 2009 in which Rachael used a stainless steel base with a plastic decoration in the handle. This is not the one I am interested in.

      1. I too have been looking for this flatware, and I finally found it. It is called Bodum Barcelona flatware set. I have checked every place and it is out of stock. The places that do have it, the prices are ungodly. One of the main places was Target. I would check in store, it is out on-line.

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          I was curious to see what it looked like and went to Google - take a look - is offering a 20 piece set of Bodum Barcelona for $50.

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            If you read on you will see that it is unavailable!!

        2. If you can find the barcelona flatware buy it!! I contacted Bodum and it was discontinued 2 years ago and is NOT coming back. I havent been able to find it, so if someone finds something similar to this please let me know.

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            There's a similar set called mango by someone.. an Italian company. Quite expensive though. I'll check.

            Hang on, maybe it's not exactly similar.

            There's an English called Habitat that has something that's similar iirc. If you need help finding some unusual flatware, I've spent many hours researching, so I'll help however I can


            And this one:
            The spoons are similar, but the knife is a little different. It comes in brushed silver too.

            btw, those barcelona ones look uncomfortable to hold; I prefer a solid, heavy rounded end. Feels nice, and that way I don't have to worry about it bending when I dig into some icecream or something ;


            FYI, these are the ones I went for
            Reduced from £100 to £40, and I'm overjoyed whenever I use them.

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              Nonstop by Gourmet Settings (GS) is very similar. It comes in polished or matte stainless steel.

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                Sorry to revive an old post, but what is the flatware in the image you posted Soop? Can't get back to the Amazon link from the picture.

            2. On e-bay today, 1-1-11
              More'n 10 available. Wish I had $80!